These Nostalgic Toys Are Coming Right From 90s Childhoods (37 pics)

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This rug that doubled as the greatest way to play with cars ever:

Having a low-key intense time playing Mr. Bucket:

Drawing all over your Doodle Bear and then being a little disappointed when it didn't entirely wash off in the machine:

Going "fishing" with this:

Using this whenever you wanted to make shadow puppets:

Being the original Doc McStuffins whenever you played with this:

Making sure you NEVER stepped on one of these blocks barefoot:

Actually being excited to vacuum:

Honestly believing you were the best musician ever while playing this:

Sticking your fingers into this mouth and praying it wouldn't snap close:

The Playskool tape player that was basically like your own personal karaoke machine:

This plastic play house, which you definitely didn't let your sibling into:

The Magna Doodle, which had the most soothing eraser in the entire world:

Basically traveling ~the world~ with View-Master:

Pulling this lever and anxiously waiting to see which animal the spinner would land on:

Having epic battles any time you played with this castle:

Trying to skate with these and barely moving:

Begging to go to McDonald's and then caring about these guys more than your mini-bag of fries:

These Fisher-Price Little People that were the size of your fist:

These stuffed animals that you held on to tightly while watching Barney and Friends:

Playing with LeapPad and feeling super sophisticated and smart:

Singing a song on one of these bad boys for your truly patient parents:

Thinking this was the coolest alarm clock anyone could own:

Not really understanding what the hell you were supposed to do with this once you caught it:

All of these classic Disney sound books, which made learning to read so much fun:

Stealing these from your older siblings:

Having about a minute of fun whenever you played with the shape-sorter game:

And then Perfection, for when you had mastered putting shapes into matching holes:

Being excited to go over to your neighbors or cousin's house 'cause you got to play with this:

Having this as a hand-me-down from your older siblings:

This My Size Barbie, which was literally the only thing on your Christmas list:

Elefun, which, honestly, you would be down to play right now:

Pretending to be at school while your older siblings were actually there without you:

Having various hand puppets that your parents got you from Pizza Hut:

Knocking over these blocks as soon as you were done building the most beautiful fort you had ever seen:

Playing with this parking structure game at your grandparents:

And finally, feeling like a badass whenever you cruised around your neighborhood (aka just to the end of the driveway) in this classic:



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