You Don’t Always Have To Pay To Get Something New (50 pics)

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Wanted To Get My Mom This Type Of Chandelier For Christmas But Didn't Have $300 Or More To Spend So I Decided To Make It, How Did I Do?

Didn't Have A Stand, So I Improvised

My Coworker Forgot Her Contact Lens Case, So She Improvised

A Little Diy On My Son's Toy Car Which Had Lost Its Wheels, And See Lovely My Reward At The End!

Made This Probably 14 Years Ago For My Mom. Still Useful Today

Regular Trips To The Spa Can Be Pretty Expensive... This 130 L (35gallon) "tub" Wasn't

My Friend Has Been A Little Depressed Lately, So I Made Her A Panda Pin To Sheer Her Up, Because She Loves Pins And Pandas. What Do You Think?

When A Star Wars Loving Friend Threw A Birthday Party For His Son, And All We Could Afford Was A Thrifted Rocking Horse, I Channeled My Inner Obi Wan Kenobi..

When We Couldn't Find A Cool Coat Rack, We Decided To Ask Nature For A Little Help..

I Couldn't Afford Any Real Shower Curtain Rings, At The Time. Luckily, My Job Had A Strict I Had Plenty Of Hair-ties.

Used An Articulated Lamp And An Recycled Paper Towel Tube To Create A Crappy Reading Light. As Least It Works ;)

Christmas Decor On A Budget!

So I Ran Out Of Beer And The Only Thing I Had Was Wine. Didn't Have A Cork Screw. Stuff Happened

"if You Need To Read When It's Dark!" Led String Lights In A Balloon And A Pair Of Old Glasses.

Fancy Side Tables Are Expensive.... So I Made From An Old Desk Organizer And The Side Of A Playpen

Remember That Paper Weaving You Had To Do In Kindergarten? Turns Out You Can Make Pretty Nifty Baskets Like That

My Little Sis Complained All Day And Night About Old Curtain On Door So I Came Up With This.

I Spilled Wax And Didn't Have An Iron So I Used Our Teapot!

I Filled A Plastic Bag Holder With Soil And Planted Over 40 Spinach Plants On My Balcony

Why Buy Bathroom Shelves When You Can Have Wine? (blog In Link For Tutorials And Stuff)

Since Our Dog Shreds All The Store-bought Toys We Give Her, We Decided To Make Them From Old T-shirt Rags Instead. That's One Happy Ol' Pupper!

Parking Garage For My Son's Car Collection

It's Difficult To Find Cat Furniture That Isn't Hideous So I Built A Cat Tree

Made A Pallet Lounge Tree Swing And It's Awesome!

Created An Arsenal For My Kids Nerf Collection. It's Not Prefect, Or Professional By Any Means, But It Keeps Their Crap Off The Floor

Mother-In-Law Has A Bad Hip And Was Sad That She Wouldn't Be Able To Walk To The Beach To Hang Out With The Family For The Fourth Of July Week. So I Made A Surprise For Her - A Beach Wheel Chair That Only Cost Me Around $140 To Make (They Sell Online For $1200+)

I Made Some Simple Wall Art That I Thought Came Out Pretty Cool

I Wasn't Sure If My Package Was Under 16 Oz For Mailbox Use. No Scales At Home, I Improvised

I Made A Simple DIY Magazine Rack Using Copper Pipe And Denim Cloth

I Can't Afford Gucci Aces So I DIY'd A Pair Of Vans

Couldn't Find My Candle Holder, As A Musician I Improvised The Best I Could

My Kid's Toy Car Lost Its Wheels Long Ago - So I Used Soda Bottle Tops To Fix These... See The Joy On His Face At The Result?

A Branch As A Jewelry Holder Made By My Boyfriend

Needed A Place To Stash My Wine And A Coffee Table... Solved Both Problems With Some Milk Crates, Salvaged Truck Flooring And Some Scrap Steel

The Lack Of Lumbar Support Was Starting To Take A Toll, So I Improvised An Ergonomic Chair With What I Had In Hand

My Friends And I Were At A Beach Without A Lamp, So We Improvised With An Iphone And A Water Bottle

Pallet Wood Changing Table

I Made Shot Glasses Using Beer Bottlenecks. The Top Of The Labels Measure Out To Exactly 1oz

I Made It Myself

The Company I Work For Wouldn't Buy The Guy That Runs The Shop A New Rolling Chair So He Improvised And Rides In Style

Did Not Have The Money For A Standing Mixer, So I Improvised

Needed A Table, Made One From Scrap Wood I Had In My Burn Barrel

Building A Coffee Table: For DIY Newbs

I Had Nowhere To Put My Soap Or Shampoo, So I Improvised With Some Coat Hangers

My Girlfriend Needed A Light Box, So We Made One Using A Clear Plastic Draw, And Her Phone Light

My Speedo Is Broken, But The Tachometer Works Fine. Lets Fix It With Vector Graphics

Cat Tree Made From Juniper Branches That Were Headed For The Chipper

Pallet Wood Table

Junk Frame+scrap Wood Flooring =pretty Cool Table

Happy Cat




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