Not Having Sex Can Play A Trick Or Two On You (8 pics + 2 gifs)

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Your sex drive gets a flat

Funny thing, the more sex you have, the more hormones you produce that make you want it. So, of course, the inverse is also true. The less you get it in, the less you desire it. If your dry spell lasts long enough, you may actually see substantial declines in your sex drive semi-permanently.

You can get sick more often

People that engage in sexual activity once or twice a week have significantly higher levels of the antibodies that fight colds. The longer you go without the warmth of another person’s body against yours, the more likely you are to get sick.

Things “loosen up” a little

When women are engaging in sex regularly, they’re engaging the muscles or their vagina and the membranes become increasingly engorged. This can lead to them stretching and gaining the ability to get even larger, creating a tighter entry. So believe it or not, the less a woman has sex, the more potential she has to actually be loose down there. Boom, another High School myth bites the dust…

More vivid and frequent sex dreams

I didn’t say these would all be bad. Depending on whether you still share a bed with your step brother, this one may actually be pretty awesome. The less sex you have, the more sexual your dreams become due to a lack of opportunity for expression physically.

Bad mood FOR-EV-ER

Here’s one to share with the wifey. Semen is actually an anti-depressant. When it is ingested orally or vaginally, it can create a somewhat permanent boost to your mood. Particularly for people who go from frequent sex to no sex, this cold turkey plummet could have extreme adverse effects on your mood.

Greater chance of going limp

Remember that whole “use it or lose it” thing? Well here you go, dudes. Your dick is essentially a muscle. What happens when you don’t work a muscle out? No, you don’t inject it with sh*t from Mexico. It deflates. Obviously, age and other factors can affect this as well. In fact, according to studies, men who have sex less than 1-2 times a week are twice as likely to go limp. Then again, just because it’s not with another person doesn’t mean you’re not “having sex”.

You’ll be more stressed

According to studies, people who don’t have sex regularly tend to have higher blood pressure in response to stress. For those who have a rapid decline in frequency of sex, those going from lots of ass to very little, these stress spikes can be substantial, crippling your ability to handle anxious moments.

You get dumber

People used to believe that abstinence would make you smarter. I think that’s more of a case of “the chicken and the egg” and apparently, so does science. In fact, scientists proved that sexual activity boosts the growth of neurons in the hippocampus. In other words, if you stop having sex, your brain could shrink, dummy.


Like your increased potential for E.D. you can also see a reduction in size. This is because those spongy, fibrous membranes that become engorged while aroused can slowly stretch out over time, creating the potential for little Jimmy to have a growth spurt. Stop having sex (with another and/or yourself) and those membranes go back to their normal, less than spectacular selves. Little and limp… ouch…

You’re not having sex…

Most importantly, when you’re not having sex, YOU’RE NOT HAVING SEX. I mean, I guess there are religious constraints and other reasons why people may “choose” to stop getting it in, but it’s sex. Sex is the tits!

Now get out there and have lots of sex you filthy animals! It’s for your own good.





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