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Dads Know Exactly How To Do That Thing Called “Parenting” (35 pics)

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When it’s dad’s turn to feed the baby.
Things got out of hand without mommy.
Eating out.
When daddy is left alone to feed the child.
"Daddy dressed me."
Fun with foam.
Cereal thieves. When daddy isn’t looking.
This dad who is flooded with parenting duties.
When daddy can’t get the elastic thingy tight enough for a ponytail.
This dad who likes to play around with Snapchat filters.
"Don’t tell your mother about this, son!"
When it’s dad serving breakfast.
“Daddy, I fell into the fountain.“ ”Don’t worry, kiddo, you can have my sweatshirt."
This dad who has completely lost control.
When mommy leaves for about an hour and this is what she comes home to.
The look daddy gets when he doesn’t fill up the whole bottle.
"I wonder if she’s going to be able to pick up any radio signals with that thing?"
This father who could use some help dressing his child.
This dad who gave his toddler a bottle of powder to play with.
The product of daddy babysitting his daughter alone.
Last words from mommy: "Make sure he doesn’t have too much chocolate."
When daddy applies the sunscreen.
When mom is away and dad has a dinner idea.
This dad who is practicing the splits together with his daughter.
“Didn’t I give you paper to stick on, honey?“
”The couch is a much bigger canvas, Dad..."
This dad who likes to keep himself entertained while his baby is sleeping.
This overly creative father getting his daughter’s hair done.
When dad needs to improvise a restraint.
"Dad, I want to be Doctor Octopus."
Buttoning level: dad.
"This evening’s dinner will be served in the Bookshelf Cubicle room. Party of one? Your table is ready."
"Mom wasn’t here last night, and we forgot to brush our teeth. Does this morning still count???"
"The score after our wagon ride: Concrete: 1, Clayton: 0."
When your daughter wants a beard like daddy’s.
"Daddy told me I can have this chocolate doughnut at the park."

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