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Still Think These Are Some Simple Things? Check The Price Checks Again (14 pics)

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Mint toothpaste

There would seem to be nothing unique in mint toothpaste, but THEODENT designed a toothpaste that contains the unique patented Rennou component: after the first use, Rennou strengthens and protects teeth throughout the day.

Toilet seat

A handmade carbon fiber toilet seat draws attention to itself. Natural materials, lightweight, one-size-fits-all limited edition by Carbon Fiber Gear — don’t you want it yet?


They say music sounds much better through GOLDSTRIKER headphones because you wear real 24-carat diamonds in your ears. If you want to check it out yourself, it won’t come cheap.

Woolen socks

FALKE woolen socks were launched in a limited edition: only 10 pairs. The socks are made with vicuna wool. The wool of this animal is considered the rarest and most expensive in the world.

Cloud lamp

This cloud is a designer lamp by Kaufman Mercantile that not only lights up the room but also produces typical storm sounds: thunder and the sound of rain. You can also choose the brightness and color of the cloud.

Kitchen knife

This kitchen knife by Nesmuk is incredibly expensive and valuable. The blade is made of carbon steel, the handle of сurly birch, and its bolster is silver. The knife is equipped with a lacquer-coated box, leather case, knife sharpener, and a special brand of knife oil.


German company Faber-Castell launched a simple pencil on its birthday. Yet the only simple thing here is the lead. The pencil itself is made of cedar, and its cap is white gold encrusted with 3 diamonds.


So popular and so expensive. ZONTIK decided to cover the board with leather and make all the inscriptions in gold and all the pieces in silver. A real godsend for those who like luxury in details.

iPhone 7

Stuart Hughes, a jeweler from Liverpool, created an insanely expensive model of a popular smartphone with his own hands. Its body is made of 24ct gold. It’s scary to even breathe at it, not to mention holding it in your hands.


And what about buying a Zafirro razor made of something extraterrestrial? This is not a joke: the handle is made from a metal that can only be found in meteorite residues. As for the blades, they’re made of white sapphire, and the pivot pins are platinum. Well, have you already made some room in your bathroom for this baby?

Toilet paper

When Toilet Paper Man had 24ct gold, they decided to make toilet paper out of it. The price is justified by the material. The Australian company is ready to sell one roll at a little more than $1.5M. But don’t worry — you’ll get a bottle of complimentary champagne to celebrate your "useful" investment.


Nothing special, just a teapot from Chitra’s collection. It is made from gold and decorated with 1,500 diamonds and 500 rubies. A common thing for those who can freely dispose of their money. And $3M isn’t even its final price because there are several potential buyers.


Mouawad presented to the world their handbag made from 18 carat gold and encrusted with 4,517 colorful diamonds. It’ll certainly come in handy for young ladies who think everything should be valuable.


A ring not with diamonds but of a diamond. Shawish stepped forward in jewelcrafting and presented to the world this unique ring. Well, the Swiss have always been generous with accessories.

Credits: brightside.me

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