Dogs Are Better On Passing Human Rules Than Humans Are Themselves (40 pics)

Posted in ANIMALS       25 May 2017       3833       GALLERY VIEW

No Paws Allowed On The Couch

The Dog Is Not Allowed To Put His Chin On The Table. He Is Bending The Rules

She Knows She's Not Allowed In My Office But She Accidentally Threw Her Carrot In Here. So Now She's Inching Her Way In, Hoping I Won't Notice

Aegis Is A Piggy And Always Finishes His Food First. He's Not Allowed To Touch Wulfgar's Food So He Just Lays There Like

He's Forbidden From Putting Paws On The Desk When He Wants His Ball Thrown. That's His Way For Going Around The Rule

She Knows She's Not Allowed On The Couch... But We'd Never Said Anything About A Fallen Pillow. Little Opportunist

My Dog Knows She's Not Allowed In My Room So She Thinks If We Don't Make Eye Contact I Won't Kick Her Out

She's Not Allowed On The Couch

My Family's 12,5 Year Old Dog Knows He Isn't Allowed In The Kitchen During Dinner Time, But He Still Likes To Get As Close As Possible

My Samoyed Thinks If She's Not Facing Me When I'm Eating, She's Not Being Rude (She Knows Begging Isn't Allowed). This Is Her Compromise

My Dog Is Not Allowed On The Couch, But He's Allowed To Sleep On This Blanket. Smartass

Dog Knows He's Not Allowed On Top Of Table But Wants Popcorn So Bad! Well, Technically He's Not

My Dog Isn't Allowed On Furniture, So This Is What He Resorts To

The Dog Isn't Allowed On The Couch, So After The Babies Threw The Cushions On The Floor, She Seized Her Opportunity And Stared At Me Triumphantly

She's Not Allowed To Beg, But That Doesn't Stop Her From Trying To Look Nonchalant

He Knows He's Not Allowed In The Kitchen While I Cook But Sometimes He Pushes It

My Husband Went Into The Garage For A Second. His Entourage (Who Are Not Allowed In The Garage) Followed Him As Best They Could

My Boxer Isn't Allowed To Be On The Couch. He Won This One On A Technicality

My Little Boy Knows That He's Not Allowed To Have All Four Feet In Our Bedroom

My Dogs Are Not Allowed In The Kitchen When I Cook. The Kitchen Starts At The White Tiles

I Leave My Daughter In The Car Seat While I Shower So I Can Keep An Eye On Her. My Corgi Still Loves Her But We Don't Allow Him In The Bathroom

My Dog Knows She's Not Allowed On The Couch

This Is How My Dog Lays When We Eat Since He's Not Allowed In The Kitchen. So Polite

Not Allowed On The Couch? No Problem

He's Not Allowed On The Couch.. But He Seems To Think This Is Acceptable

But... My Paws Are Still On The Ground

My Dog's Solution To Not Being Allowed In The Kitchen When We Are Cooking

New Baby On The Way. I Was In The Nursery Setting Up. Dogs Not Allowed In Bedrooms... However A Few Paws Don't Bother Me Much

She's Not Allowed To Sit On The Sofa So She Just Leans On It Like This. She's Been Like That For 5 Minutes

TFW You're Not Allowed To Sit Up Front

They Are Not Allowed To Watch Somebody Who Is Eating, So They Just Stare To Each Other

My Dog Knows He's Not Allowed Upstairs, But He Found A Way To Cheat The System

He Knows He's Not Allowed In The Bathroom.. I Guess He Thinks I Can't See Him?

The Dogs Are Not Allowed On The Yoga Mat... This Is How They Rebel

The Dog Who Is Not Allowed On The Rug Is Betting On My Lack Of Resolve. Betting And Winning

He Is Not Allowed To Go Outside.

He's Not Allowed To Lie On The Sofa, But He Thinks He Found A Loophole

My Dog Is Not Allowed On Sofa, & She Thinks She Is Following The Rules

My Dog Also Know That She Isn't Allowed In The Kitchen, And Thinks That This Doesn't Count As 'Being In The Kitchen'

My Dog Is Not Allowed In My Room. She Won On A Technicality






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