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Is Business Class Food In Airplanes Really Twice As Good As That In Economy Class? (14 pics)

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American Airlines

In American Airlines economy (left), expect pre-packaged butter, plastic cups and a shrink-wrapped microwave dinner. In business class (right), it's whipped butter in a delicate china dish, salt and pepper in mini shakers and a seared tuna main

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines really ups its game from floppy vegetables and orange juice in economy (left) to seared tuna scattered with finely-sliced cheese and Champagne in business class (right)

Virgin Atlantic

For this Virgin Atlantic economy passenger (left) dinner was a pasta bake served on mock-wooden tray. In business class (right), it was elegantly laid-out meat served on china with a crisp white napkin. And plane-themed salt and pepper shakers


This lunch in Finnair's economy class (left) was yet another pasta bake, served with yet another bread roll and butter. Passengers in business class, however, dined on pan fried beef with miso flavoured sauce and miso soup. And Champagne

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM serves a somewhat indistinguishable economy meal consisting mainly of fruit and veg (left). Up in business class (right), it's a multitude of small dishes including noodles and sushi


Emirates appears to have done a reasonable job with its varied and colourful economy meal (left) but it doesn't beat a white wine and Champagne double-whammy in business class (right)

Turkish Airlines

Sweet and sour chicken with rice is on the menu on this Turkish Airlines economy tray table (left), but over in business class, the chicken comes with shrimp and a cheese side plate (right)

Korean Air

Upon first glance, the economy meal (left) and business class offering (right) on Korean Air doesn't look all that different 

Air France

This Air France economy meal (left) does at least come with silverware, but in business class (right) things look a little less crowded

Delta Air Lines

Prawns feature both in Delta's economy (left) and business class meal (right) - albeit cooked and presented rather differently

Air China

Air China doesn't go overboard with creativity in economy (left), but in business class it certainly seems to (right)

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific's offering in economy (left) and business (right) isn't worlds apart, though still we know which we'd rather be tucking into

Thai Airways

True to form, the meal offered in Thai Airways' economy class looks a tad radioactive (left), but it's a whole different story in business (right)

British Airways

On British Airways, it's microwaved bangers and mash in economy (left) and dainty finger sandwiches in business class (right)

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