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Braces Can Do Wonders With People’s Smiles! (40 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   29 May 2017   / 3895 views

My Single Mother Couldn't Afford Braces For Me Growing Up. When I Got Insurance Though Work I Got Some Finally. Life Goal Complete

My Single Mother Couldn't Afford Braces For Us Growing Up. So When I Got A Job, I Saved And Paid For Them Myself. Most Fulfilling Decision I've Ever Made

What A Difference 3 Years, Countless Appointments And Tears Makes...

Got My Braces Off Yesterday, Here's Before, During And After

After Almost Two Years, I Just Got My Braces Off

4 Years Difference Amen For Braces

After 8 Years Of Treatment, 10 Teeth Pulled, Surgery, & 2 Rounds Of Braces, I Finally Love My Smile

After 2 Sets Of 25 Months, 12 Teeth Pulled, & Wisdom Teeth Pulled, Im Finally Braces Free

Before And After - 2 Years And 10 Months

It's Crazy What Less Than 2 Years With Braces Will Do. Thank You Mom And Dad

I'd Like To Thank Jesus And All Those Years Of Braces For This

Progress Pics Of My Journey From Surgery To Braces To Straight Teeth

13 Months Of Braces, A Mechanical Bite Expansion And Two Veneers Later

2 Years And 10 Months Of Braces

I Would Like To Thanks Braces And Puberty For This Transformation

A Transformation Because Finally After Over 2 And A Half Years My Braces Are Off

I Have Been Kicked Out Of The Club After 2.5 Years

After 4 Years Total Of Braces, Surgeries, And Countless Times Going To The Dentist, I Finally Have A Full Smile

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