Movies Are The Perfect Source Of Inspiration For Tattoos! (33 pics)

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The Lion King

"I've always loved The Lion King. It has always helped me be true to who I am, not let the past define me, and taught me to never be afraid to make fun of yourself and be a fool! Hakuna Matata!"

Harry Potter

"Harry Potter helped me overcome my depression."

Star Wars

"My best friend and I have known each other since the day we were born and we grew up watching Star Wars together. We always knew we wanted matching tattoos but didn't want them to be cliché, so we went with nerdy instead."

Toy Story

"My grandmother and I watched Toy Story a million times when I was a kid. Buzz Lightyear was always my favourite. This tattoo reminds me I'll always have a friend in her."

Almost Famous

"The movie means SO much to me. Got it as soon as I turned 18."

Where The Wild Things Are

"My tattoo from the children's book and movie, Where The Wild Things Are."

Suicide Squad

"I'm kind of obsessed with Harley Quinn, so this is a Suicide Squad-style forearm tattoo I got recently."

Jurassic Park

"I felt as excited as a little kid watching it in cinema, and I wanted to keep that feeling."


"Here's mine. I just got it and I love it. By far my favourite Disney movie."

How to Train Your Dragon

"The entire How to Train Your Dragon series is what got me through the worst of my depression. This dragon and his journey were the source of my emotions when I felt nothing. When days are especially bad I remind myself to train my dragons: Be fierce in the face of futility and be loyal to my loved ones. This Night Fury reminds me that I am enough."

Forrest Gump

"'Jenny and me was like peas and carrots.'"

Lilo and Stitch

"It's pretty generic, but it's incredibly important to me. In my early teens, I struggled to find my place. I attended a summer camp where I met people who were just like me - passionately nerdy and accepting. I had never felt so at home among my peers before then, and when they played Lilo and Stitch one rainy afternoon, the concept of 'ohana' cemented my friendship with everyone I met there. It's been five years since that camp, and I still keep in touch with everyone, and they are family that I will never leave behind or forget."

Beauty And The Beast

"A 'Chip on my shoulder' inspired by Beauty And The Beast."

Tuck Everlasting

"Tuck Everlasting. A young girl, Winnie, must decide whether or not to drink from a spring that grants eternal life."


"My very first tattoo was the spinning top from Inception. That movie blew me away. To me, it says - who cares if dreams and fantasy aren't, strictly speaking, real? If you experience it, it's a part of YOUR reality. It really resonated with me as a fantasy artist and game designer."

Blade Runner

"My husband and I have inverse Blade Runner tributes."

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

"My tattoo was inspired by Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The last challenge that Indy faces to get to the Holy Grail is a leap of faith called 'Path of God'. 'Only in a leap from the lion's head will prove his worth.' It combines my love of the Indiana Jones movies and my faith. The artist also incorporated symbols from the trilogy into the design as well (ears are the staff piece of Ra, the grail and the cruciform cross on the nose)."

Star Wars

"This one is my Star Wars-inspired tattoo, because I'm a huge fan and R2D2 is my favourite character."

A Nightmare on Elm Street

"I love horror movies and my favourite is a A Nightmare on Elm Street, so I got a pin-up inspired by Freddy."

Meet the Robinsons

Spirited Away

"Spirited Away has been my favourite movie for as long as I can remember. I love it so much that I got a No Face tattoo! Miyazaki will always be my favourite artist."


"I love Deadpool insane amounts, and I actually planned this before I had even seen the movie. Some die hard fans may notice that this is from the comic book cover with Cable."


"I have several movie tattoos, mainly from Star Wars, but somehow Carl and Ellie are my favourite."


"Thumper from Bambi. He's pretty badass. He stepped up and kept Bambi from losing his shit. He's a good guy."

The Count of Monte Cristo

"The Count of Monte Cristo was always my favourite movie growing up. The chess piece is symbolic of the victories the two main characters face, and every time one of them experiences a triumph in their life they say 'King's to you' and hand over the chess piece. I got it to remind me to always seek my adventures, follow what I love, and appreciate even the smallest victories."

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

"Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Probably my favourite movie in existence. It just cheers me up every time I watch it."

The Silence of the Lambs

"I'm a big horror fan, so for my first tattoo I got the death's-head moth from The Silence of the Lambs. Still my favourite movie."

The Mummy

"My friend and I got matching tattoos inspired by The Mummy."


"I got the word 'stay' in morse code from Interstellar. I saw it when I was 17 and immediately fell in love with the film. The score, the cinematography, the story, and the science behind it were so captivating, I decided to have it permanently showcased on my body!"

Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings

"Mine is a combination of Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings that I drew myself. Each series was incredibly important to me, as a child, teen, and adult. The quote is from Narnia that I translated into elvish, 'Courage, Dear Heart.'"

If I Stay

"'Sometimes you make choices in life, and sometimes, choices make you.'"

Edward Scissorhands

"I was a guinea pig for one of the girls at my shop who wanted to start doing colour portraits so she contacted me knowing I wanted an Edward Scissorhands portrait. She did a damn good job for the first time out."

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

"I got this line from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The film taught me so much about love and fate. If you're meant to be with someone, you'll be with them, no matter the circumstances keeping you apart."




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