6 Crazy Places For A Date (5 pics)

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When the cinema or romantic meal just won’t do there are other ideas out there for your next hot date. Dates do tend to run smoother when they are planned or at least you are both on the same page. But wait, not everyone is the same and not everybody wants to be wined and dined. There are crazy date ideas that can help you tease information and traits out of each other that a regular date wouldn’t dare. Especially if you met each other on the site iwantu.com. So because having a flat white or even a dancing mochaccino is so last year we have gathered together some of the more, out there, shall we say, dates for you to try next time!

Tour your own Town

I bet you haven’t been a tourist in your own town or nearest city. I’m sure you have visited on many occasions but being a tourist can bring a totally different perspective. Wearing your towns t-shirt, bum bag, or hat can be so much fun, taking photos with the nearest landmarks is a great way to stick together and gather memories of places you haven’t experienced before on your doorstep.

Tube Stop

A great way of getting to know your date is by riding the tube. This quirky idea can transport you both across the city, getting off random stops and not knowing what shops, restaurants, museums and adventures await you up on street level can be really exciting. This gives you both plenty of opportunity to get to know each other and keep thing platonic throughout the day. This is spontaneous fun at its best; don’t forget to take photos at each stop!

Sun Rise

There is not much more to say about this apart from it being the perfect opportunity for your next date. Sitting close together on a rooftop, or hillside in the early hours of the morning watching the sun come up can really show your creative side. Talking, laughing, enjoying each other while the sun does the hard work with make this crazy date worth it!

Double DVD date

Making plans to watch a film can be boring, however, not if you choose to both bring one DVD of your choice and promise to sit through them both together. Bring lots of snacks and a duvet and enjoy each other’s reactions to the films you have chosen. Or even keep things safe by bringing their favourite film, now wouldn’t that score you some points!

Monkeying Around

Dig deep and reach in for your primitive side, using the elements of excitement, fun, and spontaneity could be the way forward for your next crazy date. The man made an adventure of parks, playgrounds, slides, and swings can ramp up your competitive side, who can swing out the longest, who can climb the highest. A bit of healthy creative competition is great to get you giggling and getting to know each other, especially before a well-earned ice cream after!

Booth Hunt

By using the classic photo booth to capture moments and pictures of you and your date and twisting it with an adventure can be the perfect crazy date. Hunting for photo booths all over the city is ideal to spark some excitement and exploration into your time together. Take as many photo strips as you can in as many random parts of the city, oh and don’t forget your props!






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