In Some Countries Women Love American Men Very Much (13 pics)

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According to Made Men, which asked pseudo experts Dan Nainan, Jordan Harbinger (The Art of Charm) and Rochelle Peachy ( I Love Your Accent), in these countries American men are most likely to receive very warm welcome from lots of pretties.



I guess I could have asked the beautiful Coffey sisters about this, but that ship has sailed. Peachy says that Aussie women are into American men because of the respect, gentlemanliness and knowing how to treat a lady.” Apparently an American man in uniform is about as sure thing in Australia as you’ll ever find.


Apparently, women see the men of Denmark as wimpy when compared to American, sport-loving men, or at least that’s what Peachy says. So, not only are they some of the most beautiful women in the world, but they are all about you chugging a beer and screaming obscenities at the shitty refs in the NBA Finals.


The intrigue among Chinese women towards Westerners is strong. Harbinger believes it’s akin to Russia in the 80’s, where American men were like the good looking new kid in town. China is also full of amazing places to take a girl and can be quite cheap.


Maybe it’s because American’s don’t visit Eastern Europe quite as frequently, but the beauties in the Ukraine absolutely fawn over us. Even better, the exchange rate pretty much ensures you will get every penny’s worth there. Helping extra picky men is the fact that the Ukraine has more women than men. Harbinger says the men here know the odds so they avoid relationships.


The beautiful ladies South of our border dig American stereotypes, says Harbinger. They find fairer skin more desirable and beautiful. You’ve got great, cheap food and that amazing exchange rate again. Also, tequila. Lots and lots of tequila.


You shouldn’t really need a reason to take a shot with these tanned, toned and perfect-rumped women. But, if you do, Harbinger says they’re notoriously aggressive and will do all the work for you. So, if you’re one of us typical American men who just want the gorgeous women to flock to them, this is your spot. It’s cheap. It’s gorgeous. Did I mention the perfectly toned rear ends?


Peachy says German women are attracted to how smooth American men are and appreciate us being “sweet talkers.” Hey girl, pass me that big ass das boot of beer. Something like that. Apparently German men aren’t big on complimenting their women, so if you want to lock a fraulein down, just compliment her.

Great Britain

According to Rochelle Peachy, founder of I Love Your Accent, British women are just as turned on by American accents as our own women are by the Brits. They also fancy our use of “baby” and “sweetheart” (people still say that?).


“Bars in Lebanon are legitimately five women for every man” — Nainan. That’s tipping the odds in your favor. He says they practically compete for the chance to talk to you. They’re also off the charts hot with those dark, sultry eyes and love to whisper French love-me-nots in your ears.


Well, there may be some covert reasons for this largely mutual attraction, but Russian women are big fans of team USA. Harbinger says that working in Yanks favor is the fact that the feminist movement hasn’t found a foothold there, so they’re generally more eager for old fashioned values. They’re also notorious for being open to sex more quickly in a relationship than their American counterparts.


Sweden is the holy mecca of hotness, particularly if you prefer blondes. They’re also exceptionally friendly and most importantly, “very, very open about sex” — Nainan. I’ve never been, but rumor has it they love the patriotism and confidence that American men are overflowing with. I guess living in a country famous for its neutrality could make that sort of thing enticing.


Well, this one comes with some pretty disturbing and well documented danger. Be weary of the “lady boys”, but otherwise, Nainan says the women in Thailand are notorious for their warm reception towards American men. Some will tell you it’s because of the poor economic status, but I think it’s just good old fashioned American bravado!

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Nainan says that as long as you do it behind closed doors, the UAE can be the ultimate party town. Essentially, it’s Vegas on steroids. You may have no chance with the Emiratis locals due to their thoughts on premarital sex, but they only make up 10% of the population. So, I guess the truth is, the UAE is the best place to pick up women from anywhere but the UAE.






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