We Think So Wrong About Alcohol (18 pics)

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Coffee, while it is a delicious comfort after a long night of drinking, will not help a hangover. In fact, your age, weight, or gender don’t affect the rate in which alcohol dissipates from the body. Time, and maybe some Advil, is your only friend.

The amount of alcohol you drink doesn’t necessarily correlate with how much weight you gain. Genetics and an active (or inactive) lifestyle are far bigger players as far as average body fat in drinkers.

While some would consider drinking some good ol’ beer and whiskey to be an American pastime, America isn’t as big of a ‘drinking country’ as you might think. The World Health Organization reports that the top 10 alcohol-consuming countries are in Europe. U.S.A. ranked 57th.

Eating a nice big meal before a night of drinking and debauchery won’t help your blood alcohol levels throughout the night. It will only prolong time amount of time it takes the alcohol to be absorbed into your blood stream.

Despite having nights where you can’t particularly remember much, alcohol does not kill brain cells. Red wine has even been shown to help the brain in some cases.

Alcohol can ‘warm you up’ if you’re already in a somewhat warm environment. However, if you were in an incredibly cold environment, alcohol consumed excessively could cause hypothermia.

Taking an aspirin before a night of drinking will not help prevent a hangover. A journal published by the American Medical Association showed that taking an aspirin prior to drinking can keep alcohol in your system for longer by increasing your B.A.C. by nearly 25%.

Sucking on a penny will not help you beat the breathalyzer test. This myth has roots in the idea that copper helps hide traces of alcohol. The reality is that it isn’t even remotely true, and a penny is only about 2% copper.

The classic line ‘Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear. Beer before liquor, never been sicker’ has no truth to it. The order in which you drink any alcohol doesn’t factor into how much of a hangover you’ll have.

While drinking a nice Bloody Mary or a cold beer might help you feel a bit better in the morning after a long night of drinking, all you’re doing is prolonging the inevitable hangover.

It’s often thought that the darker the beer, the higher the alcohol content. This is not the case, as many beers can have varied alcohol content despite their colour.

‘Breaking the seal,’ or taking that first piss of the night while drinking, will not ‘open the floodgates’ and have you getting up to pee every five minutes. However, drinking a tonne of alcohol, which is a diuretic, will.

There is no scientific evidence supporting the fact that ‘drunken words are sober thoughts.’

Despite being somewhat accurate, the lines on the side of Red Solo Cups are not intended to measure alcohol. The Solo Company has confirmed this several times.

No matter what tricks you try, it is impossible to remember things that happened after you’ve ‘blacked out.’ This is because the part of the brain that creates memories switches off completely when we drink too much.

Mixing your drinks with energy drinks will not make you get more wasted. However, the extra surge of energy will make you feel less drunk than you actually are, which could encourage you to drink more.

While a ‘night cap’ will help you fall asleep a bit easier, your body will spend less time in REM, which severely affects that quality of your sleep.

Drinking diet soda mixed with liquor will not help you drink more without getting drunk. In fact, diet soda will cause you to get drunk faster than regular soda will when mixed with liquor.





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