These Miniature Details We Never Noticed In Our Favorite Movies Are Actually Pretty Smart (18 pics)

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Inglourious Basterds: Hans Lander subtly checking the girl’s pulse at the start

In The Shawshank Redemption, Red calls Andy’s dream of going to Zihuatanejo “a shitty pipe dream.”

Heath Ledger’s Joker from The Dark Knight wears a mask similar to the one worn by Cesar Romero’s Joker in his introductory appearance in the 1960’s TV Show Batman

Sid from Toy Story is the garbage man in Toy Story 3

In Jurassic World the Jeep used to escape was the same jeep that brought people in Jurassic Park

In the intro of Watchmen, history was altered when the original Nite Owl saved the lives of Bruce Wayne’s parents

T2 – Using four arms to make an attack helicopter

Batman Returns – If it’s a Tim Burton movie, none of the visual are an accident

Foreshadowing on desk that Einhorn is a man

In the beginning of Jurassic Park Dr. Grant’s seat belt has two female parts. This is a reference to how the scientists cloned the dinosaurs using only females

Connecting pulp fiction and kill bill in one conversation

In Back to the Future the name of the mall changes when Marty goes into the past and runs over one of the two trees 

When Marty first goes to meet Doc Brown at Twin Pines Mall we clearly see that it’s called… “Twin Pines Mall”. After Marty comes back from his adventures in 1955 to see Doc Brown get shot up, the sign reads “Lone Pine Mall.”

Why did it go from twin to lone? The land that the mall is on was owned by Old Man Peabody, remember that? Now remember when Marty time traveled back in time and crashed into their barn? Well, when Marty drves away with Peabody firing a shot gun at him he runs over one of a pair of pine trees in Peabody’s front yard

This is the Warning screen on the Home DVD version of Fight Club

In The Force Awakens, Rey’s goggles are salvaged from an old stormtrooper helmet

In Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Judge Doom is said to have created Dip, the only substance that can kill a cartoon. He later says the ingredients are turpentine, acetone, and benzene. These are all ingredients used to clean ink off animation slates after drawing frames

The board games in Pulp Fiction overdose scene

Neville Is An Art Collector In I Am Legend

Neville has a ton of famous art on his walls and that’s the original Starry Night over his fireplace. He must have looted all those works from the MoMA or the Met.

In Fellowship of the Ring, Legolas knows the deeper meaning behind Galadriel granting Gimli three of her hairs 

If you’ve read the Silmarillion, you know who Fëanor was. If you don’t, Fëanor was the dickhead who created the Silmarils: three indescribably beautiful and magical jewels that contained the light and essence of the world before it became flawed. They were the catatlyst for basically every important thing that happened in the First Age of Middle Earth.

It is thought that the inspiration for the Silmarils came to Fëanor from the sight of Galadriel’s shining, silver-gold hair.

He begged her three times for single strand of her beautiful hair. And every time, Galadriel refused him. Even when she was young, Galadriel’s ability to see into other’s hearts was very strong, and she knew that Fëanor was filled with nothing but fire and greed.

Fast forward to the end of the Third Age.

Gimli, visiting Lorien, is also struck by Galadriel’s beauty. During the scene where she’s passing out her parting gifts to the Fellowship, Galadriel stops empty-handed in front of Gimli, because she doesn’t know what to offer a Dwarf. Gimli tells her: no gold, no treasure… just a single strand of hair to remember her beauty by.

She gives him three. Three.

And this is why Gimli gets to be an Elf Friend, people. Because Galadriel looks at him and thinks he deserves what she refused the greatest Elf who ever lived—- and then twice* that. And because he has no idea of the significance of what she’s just given him, but he’s going to treasure it the rest of his life anyway.

Just look at that smile on Legolas’s face in the last panel. He gets it. He knows the backstory. And I’m pretty sure this is the moment he reconsiders whether Elves and Dwarves can’t be friends after all







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