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Girls, Doing This Is Not Sexy At All! (10 pics + 5 gifs)

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“Overtanning. Fake tan or real it doesn’t matter to me. When you look like a leather couch you’re doing something wrong.” — euphoria110

“Duckface.” — StrangeLouisville

“Describe themselves as a ‘princess’ or ‘diva.'” — trojans888

“Going out of her way to brag that she’s a bitch.” — Katastic_Voyage

“pretend to be helpless. Or just be helpless.

Maybe its an age thing, but few things make me run for the hills faster than seeing a girl frustrated with some task that should be simple looking for a knight in shining to save them.” — farmingdale

“Baby voice.” — Sandpapercondem

“Bite your neck with the force of a velociraptor

Seriously… Nibble not fucking chomp ladies.” — krosisabyss

“Completely remove their natural eyebrows and then draw them somehow.” — fastrthnu

“Talking about other guys wanting them.

I think most ladies think that it makes them seem more attractive, but most guys I know like going for “diamonds in the rough”, not the girls everyone goes for.

Your mileage may vary.” — reddit

“Speak with an upward inflection.

Actually, that’s true of both genders, but when a girl speaks intelligently and concisely, it’s a quick attention grabber.” — Hollins

“I will never understand the Monroe piercing. It looks like a silver pimple.” — Paydebt328

“Long nails.” — sirkib

“Lip bites in selfies. Ladies, when you do it right…it’s fantastic. When it’s wrong it just looks like you are stifling a fart.” — reddit

“Not a guy, but I can not stand when girls post those stupid buzzfeed articles like, ‘why you should date a girl with tattoos’ or ’16 signs you’re dating a woman and not a girl’

If you need a fucking Facebook article to validate how much of a woman you are or to flatter your ego, I want nothing to do with you.” — trillbabe

“Fuck if I know what girls think.” — XxX_FuccBoi_XxX

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