Kids Know The Perfect Presents To Crack You Up (40 pics)

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I Am A Waiter And A 4-Year-Old Girl Gave Me This As A Tip

So Today I Was Given And End Of Term Present From A Child That She Made With Her Mum. It's So Beautiful, Until I Inspected Closer. I Asked The Mum If It Was Intentional And She Had No Idea. Highlight Of My School Year So Far

Kid's "Glad You're Not Dead" Gift To Grandpa

I Don't Have A Valentine This Year, Been Pretty Heartbroken. The Little Boy I Watch Made Up For It By Giving Me This

A Card From My 5-Year-Old Daughter Hoping I Win Lots Of "Pennies" At The Casinos In Vegas

The Kids Made Me Breakfast For Father's Day

My 11-Year Old's Birthday Card To Me

Found This "Gift" I Gave My Mom When I Was 8-Years-Old

Middle School Student Accidentally Gave My Wife Thong Underwear

My 11 Year Old Son's Christmas Gift To Me

3-Year-Old (In Bathroom): Mummy, Can I Put This Sticker On Daddy's Card? Me (In Bed): Yes. 3-Year-Old: Will He Love It? Me: Yes

A Brown E

Our 8-Year-Old Son Woke Up Early This Morning To Put Together Stockings For Me And His Mom Which Were Plastic Bags Full Of What You See Here

My Buddy Made This For His Mom For Mother's Day When He Was 12

Happy Mother's Day From A 5-Year Old

On My Birthday, 10-Year-Old Sister Asked Me What Kind Of Stuff I Liked. I Told Her Mustaches, Guitars And Sloths. She Went Into Her Room And Came Back An Hour Later With This

Being A Single Dad Finally Pays Off. Kids Got Me This For My B-Day

My Son Asked Me If I Wanted The Ability To Read Minds. He Then Gave Me This Paper

9 Year Old Niece Gave This To My Mom For Mother's Day

My Daughter Found A Fossil In Our Yard And Wrapped It For Me As A Christmas Present

My 4-Year-Old Was So Proud Of The Lunch He Packed For Me

My Buddy Teaches Elementary School PE. The Kids Call Him 'Coach Peek', A 1st Grader Gave Him This This Week

An Interesting Take On Father's Day

My Daughter Couldn't Wait To Give Me The Gift She Made. It's "Dad Seed", A Packet With A Raisins And Sunflower Seeds Mix I Often Eat. Maybe The Hardest Ever To Not Laugh At An Inappropriate Time

My Sister-In-Law Teaches The 4th Grade. This Is What One Of Her Students Gave Her For Valentine's Day

It's My Dad's Birthday Today And He's In The Hospital, My Nephew Made Him This Birthday Card

Mothers Day Breakfast In Bed, Prepared By 5 Year Old

My Friend's Son Made This For Father's Day

My Daughter Did A Portrait Of Me For Father's Day. I'm Enrolling Her In Art School Tomorrow

Found This Vaguely Threatening Valentine Card In A Box Of Keepsakes

I Asked My Son To Make Me Mozzarella Sticks And This Is What He Gave Me

A Gift From My Daughter

Little Late, But My Kid Made Me Dinner For Father's Day. It's A Waffle Sandwich

Substitute Teaching In Kindergarten Has Its Perks. For Example, I Was Given 7 Portraits Made Of Me Today. Here's The Best One

Got This Christmas Card From My 10-Year-Old Sister-In-Law Today

I Work From Home. My 5-Year-Old Regularly Requests The Ipad To Play With First Thing In The Am. I Usually Tell Her To Wait Until After Breakfast. I Went To The Bathroom. Came Back To My Computer And Found This Bribe Waiting For Me At My Desk. It Was 8:30am. I Was Tempted, But Refrained

My Mother's Day Card. Try Not To Get All Choked Up

My Niece Made Her Great Grandpa A Card For His 88th Birthday

My 4-Year-Old Son Went With My Friend To A Local Novelty Bookstore, Where He Asked To Get A Present For Mommy. This Is What He Chose

Daughter Painted Father's Day Present For Me At School. Not Sure What To Think






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