Sometimes Thrift Shops Have Hidden Gems In Them (45 pics)

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My Uncle Just Got This At A Yard Sale For Two Bucks

My Friend Guided Me To A Charity Shop That Had A Donation Of Brand New Wedding Dresses From A Boutique; This Had £1595 On The Tag. I Got It For £25 And It Fits Like A Glove

I Found This Random Painting In A Thrift Store That Looks Unsettling Similar To Me

Found Some New Pictures For My Bathroom. $1 Each

Prom Night! Our Outfits And Accessories, Minus The Headband And Hat, Are Entirely Thrifted

I Collect Old Purses From Thrift Stores. I Used One Yesterday For The First Time. I Pulled This Out Of A Hard To See Zip Pocket In The Side

Not The Best Find I've Ever Had, But Definitely My Favourite. $.99 At Goodwill

I'm Done With Thrift Shopping. I'll Never Find Anything Better Than This

10 Years Ago, I Played Bass In A Local Rock Band. Yesterday, I Found My Band's T-Shirt At Goodwill

Easter Island Head Tissue Box For $3 At Goodwill

My Wife Is Still Calling The Cat Throne She Found At The Thrift Store A 'Chair'

My Mom Bought Me A Cane Off Some Dude At A Flea Market. Little Did She Know...

Salvation Army Find. Apollo 11 Cuff Links, The Exact Same Pair Are On Display At The National Air And Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution

Brother Said Said He Wanted "Art Stuff" For His Birthday. Best 20$ Ever Spent At A Thrift Store

Jackpot. 10k Gold, Diamond, And Emerald Ring For $1

$12.99 For A Nikon D3200 And $9.99 For A Cannon Eos Rebel Xs. Both Basically Brand New. Thanks Goodwill!

I Found A Smeagol Cutout At A Flea Market. I Live With Two Other People. Let The Games Begin

Found These Guys At A Thrift Shop And Decided To Recreate What I Assume It's Like To Have Cats Since I Can't Have Cats Of My Own (Damned Family And Their Allergies)

So I Bought A Wallet For 25 Cents At A Thrift Store Two Days Ago

Found Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Vinyl Still In Plastic Wrap. It Has The Numbers On The Record Of The First Pressing... For $1

Went To Goodwill For A $3 Poster Frame - Came Back With A Wurlitzer Organ For $0.50

$2.98 For All

My $36 Wedding Dress From Goodwill! Luckiest Find Of My Life

Chairs Like This Are The Reason I Thrift, $35

WW2 Champagne. Found At A Garage Sale

Thrift Shop Find For A Dollar. The Entire Thing Inside The Bamboo Is Complex And Handmade

Should I Write Him On Twitter And See If He Wants It Back?

1894 Elgin Wrist Watch, 121 Years Old. Purchased At Local Thrift Shop For $10.00

Usually I Hate It When People Write On Vinyls But This Is Pure Gold

My Favourite Goodwill Find. A Harry Potter Table

Got This For $14.99. The Name Plate Reads: "Dr. William DeVries." He Was The Lead Surgeon For The First Implantation Of The First Artificial Heart On December 2, 1982

Unused Picnic Set With Wine Glasses And A 12 Year Old Bottle Of Wine. $15

My Mom Finds The Best Gifts At Thrift Stores

Apparently There Was A Ship Captain Who Had No More Need Of His Coat

Found This At A Flea Market For $35! Already Framed And With The First Moon Landing Stamp

Quite Possibly The Best Thrift Store Find In History

Forget Everything You Knew About Ties. Because This Thrift Store Find Just Took It To A Whole New Level. Presenting: The Feather Tie

Found This At A Goodwill. I Laughed Out Loud In The Store When I Found It

Thrift Stores Always Have The Best Books







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