Even Food Can Betray You! (45 pics)

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I Think I Set The Record For Most Disappointing Carrot

Don't Mean To Brag But I've Got Strawberries Growing The Size Of Lemons Over Here!

These Watermelons Are Disappointing

I Chose The Biggest Avocado To Make Guacamole, I Think It's Not Going To Happen

My Bread Is... Mostly Air

"Cheeseburger" From The Streets Of Manila

Spongebob Popsicle

My Loaf Of Bread Was Sliced The Wrong Way

My Egg Had No Yolk... I Wasn't Eggspecting This

Well Then

There Was Only One Piece Of Broccoli In This Bag Of Cauliflower And Broccoli

My Ice Cream Cone Is Missing One Thing. The Cone

I Got A Massive Brick Of Cheese Flavoring Instead Of Cheetos

This Blueberry Waffle

Cranberry Chocolate

My Mom Opened A Can Of Black Beans But There Was Only Water Inside

Nailed It

I Found A Whole Potato In My Bag Of Chips

My Lemon Harvest Is Coming In Quite Nicely

The Lemon Thing Happened To Me, Was Huge Until I Cut Into It

Delta's Lightly Salted Nuts. I Do Not Think It Means What They Think It Means

If Monday Was A Beer

The Sub I Bought For Dinner Tonight

Urge To Kill... Rising

Someone Mistook A Rock For A Potato And Put It Into This Sack Of Potatoes We Bought

I Planned Avocado For Dinner

My Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

I Got A Fun Size Pack Of Skittles With Only Yellow Ones

So Much For "Two Scoops" There Kellogg's

I Cut Open A Strawberry And Some Buckshot Fell Out

When You Slice A Bread And Can't Make The Sandwich

Waiting For The Rest Of Tomatoes To Show Up

This Is What A £3.20 Bacon And Egg Roll From Edinburgh Airport Looks Like

This Loaf Of Bread

I Cut Open An Orange To Find This Black Decay Coming From Its Center

I Bought A Case Of 7-Up Last Night, And One Of The Cans Was Completely Sealed, But Only Filled With Air

Bit Into A Chocolate M&M, It Was Only Layers Of Shell

This Still-Sealed Wine At The Store Was Only 1/5 Full

My Daughter Just Opened This Can Of Boiled Peanuts

Bag Of Broccoli Cuts? Nope, Just Stems

Well, It's Not Technically False Advertising

This Chocolate Chip Cookie That Is Ashamed Of Itself

I Thought I Was Being Frugal By Buying A Steak From The Dollar Store

This Vending Machine Is Selling An Empty Bag Of Peanuts

Disappointing Frozen "Hawaiian Pizza"

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