These Corporations Almost Rule The World’s Economy (25 pics)

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Foxconn ($141 billion)

This Taiwanese company is the largest contract electronics manufacturer in the world.

Total S.A. ($143 billion)

One of the seven supermajor oil companies in the world (known collectively as “Big Oil”), this French company is also involved in large scale chemical manufacturing.

AT&T ($146 billion)

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, AT&T is the world’s largest telecommunications company.

China Construction Bank ($148 billion)

One of the “Big Four” banks in the People’s Republic of China, this bank is completely owned by the state.

Ford Motor Company ($149 billion)

One of the best known companies in the world, Ford was responsible for making large scale production of personal automobiles possible.

General Motors ($152 billion)

From 1931 to 2007, this was the largest car manufacturer in the world.

Exor ($152 billion)

Incorporated in the Netherlands, this massive financial services company is run by Italy’s Agnelli family.

CVS Health ($153 billion)

An American retail pharmacy and healthcare company. It changed its name from CVS Pharmacy to CVS Health in 2014 when it decided to remove tobacco products from its shelves.

UnitedHealth Group ($157 billion)

A managed healthcare company based in Minnesota, UnitedHealth Group provides health insurance to more than 70 million Americans.

Daimler AG ($165 billion)

Headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, this is the company behind Mercedes. Although it is primarily an automotive company, it also provides financial services.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China ($167 billion)

Owned by the Chinese government, this is the largest bank in the world in terms of total assets.

Glencore ($170 billion)

A multinational Anglo-Swiss commodities and mining company, Glencore is the third largest family owned enterprise in the world.

Samsung Electronics ($177 billion)

This well known South Korean electronics company has long jockeyed with Apple for the top spot in the electronics department.

McKesson Corporation ($192 billion)

Involved with pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, McKesson has its headquarters in downtown San Francisco.

Berkshire Hathaway ($210 billion)

This multinational conglomerate is known for its leadership by the famous investor Warren Buffet. Given that the company is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Warren has been given the nickname “The Oracle of Omaha”.

BP ($225 billion)

Formerly known as British Petroleum, BP is the second of the world’s “supermajor” oil companies on our list.

Note: out of the top 10 companies, 5 are oil and gas conglomerates

Apple Inc. ($233 billion)

Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Apple is the world’s largest tech company by revenue.

Toyota ($236 billion)

Headquartered in Japan, Toyota is the world’s second largest automobile manufacturer, right behind Germany’s Volkswagen Group.

Volkswagen Group ($236 billion)

Just barely ahead of Toyota, Volkswagen has come a long way from its dark beginnings at the hands of the Nazi party.

ExxonMobil ($246 billion)

Of the remaining 6 companies, the next four are all oil companies. The first is ExxonMobil, the largest direct descendent of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company.

Royal Dutch Shell ($272 billion)

Typically referred to as Shell, this British-Dutch oil company is incorporated in the UK and headquartered in the Netherlands.

China Petrochemical Corporation ($294 billion)

Before we say anything else, we want to point out that of the top 4 largest companies in the world…numbers 2, 3, and 4 belong to the Chinese government. So starting at number 4, we have the first of the remaining two “supermajor” oil companies – China Petrochemical Corporation (also called Sinopec Group).

China National Petroleum Corporation ($299 billion)

Number 3 is also an oil company owned by the Chinese government. In fact, you might even confuse it with the previous oil company since the names are quite similar.

State Grid Corporation of China ($329 billion)

As with most companies owned by the Chinese government, this electric and utilities corporation is a monopoly. Of course, that makes its ranking slightly less impressive (1 billion customers who don’t have a choice).

Walmart ($485 billion)

Far ahead of even the biggest Chinese monopolies lies the American retail giant…Walmart.






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