Office Could Be A Great Place With Some Effort Added! (50 pics)

Posted in FUNNY       1 Aug 2017       6158       GALLERY VIEW

Walked Past The IT Office Door And Noticed A New Sign

Paleontology Department On Halloween

There's Only One Guy Who Works In My Office So We Changed The Men's Bathroom Sign

Office Safari. That's A Thing

A Coworker Got Tired Of People Asking Where Ed Is

People Are Starting To Comment On How Late I Stay At The Office

This Is In The Office Bathroom Where I Work

Stuff You Only See In A Dog-Friendly Office

My Coworker Spilled Wine In The Office So I Turned It Into A Spazzy Cat, He Loved It

Office Workers Think They're So Funny

This Is What Happens When You Forget Your Work Badge At Home

A Coworker Put This On My Keurig

Post-It War Between Two Office Buildings Which Ended With Epic Finale

My Coworker Decided He Wanted A Standing Desk

My Friend May Have Way Too Much Time On His Hands

I Left A Toy Car As A Decoration For My Office's Meeting Room. I Guess Someone Didn't Want It There

My Coworkers Are Going To Hate Me

A Project Manager From Our Office Is Getting Married, So We Decorated A Hard Hat For Her

I Took My Googly Eyes To Work And Decorated My Coworker's Photos On His Desk

This Is The Loaner Keyboard The It Dept Gives Us If We Spill Coffee On Ours While We Wait For A Replacement

So I Photocopied A Picture Of My Face And Put It In My Office Door Window

Saw This In The Office Today

I Was Told The Office Had A Great View

Always Leave Something Weird In Your Office Desk For The Next Person

A Friend Put Hand Lotion On Some Coworkers' Office Door Handles Yesterday. This Is Where He Found His Desk This Morning

My Coworker Keeps On Placing His Foot Under Our Divider, So I Added Some Googly Eyes

The People In My Office Just Couldn't Help Themselves

Co-Worker Gets Stabbed Last Week At A Bar. Today Is His First Day Back. I Work With Assholes

My IT Department Hands These Out To Employees Who Either Break Or Do Not Know How To Use Their Computer

Please Keep The Door Closed

So I Just Found This In My Office Break Room

I Owed My Coworker $50. He Didn't Get It Back Easy

Spotted In The Washroom At Work

How Work Went Today

I Visited A Friend At Her Lab Today. Her Coworkers Make People Wear "The Box Of Shame" When They Tell Bad Jokes Or Ask Stupid Questions

Just Found Out I'm On The Wall At Work

So They Installed A New Coffee Machine At Work And Before Anyone Could Use It, I Placed This Sign On It... Best Three Hours Of My Life (I Have The Office Right In Front Of The Break Room)

The Office Philosopher

An Email Went Out Around The Office About A Lost Pen. This Appeared In The Break Room The Next Day

Won A Bet Against My Boss Nearly A Year Ago. Came Into Work To See That He Finally Paid Me... In Pennies

A Friend At Work Got A Job With, So I Got Him A Google Ice Cream Cake For His Last Day

How Long Will Kim Jong Un Remain Up On The Staff Picture Wall?

Hot New Girl At Work Had A Question

My Office Decided To Say 'F*ck It' Today

Leave The Office For 10 Mins

My Buddy's Office Ordered A Bulk Bag Of Easter Eggs. It Took Him A Minute Of Laughing To Realize They Didn't Get The Wrong Shipment

Boss Got Locked In His Office And A Section Of The Wall Had To Be Cut Out

So My Dad's Whole Office Dressed As Him For Halloween

My Friend Set Up An Office In The Lift, When The Doors Opened He'd Greet People With "Do You Have An Appointment"

Forever In The Friend Zone






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