Photos Of Celebrities Are Not Getting Rarer Than This (20 pics)

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Ann-Margret doing a photo shoot for a magazine in 1966. One of the sexiest women in Hollywood history, Ann-Margret also was a really good actress. Nominated for 2 Oscars, and having a very successful career spanning over 6 decades, she is still acting to this day. She also did a lot of singing and dancing that helped her stage career as well as film. This was showcased in her films especially in the 60s. The Swedish born actress had a relationship with Elvis Presley in the mid 1960s after filming Viva Las Vegas in 1964, which was important as Elvis was in a relationship with his future wife Priscilla Presley at the time. She confirmed it in her autobiography, saying Elvis sent a bouquet of flowers to all her stage-shows up until his death in 1977. She would also say had he not been with Priscilla, he and Ann-Margret most likely would have married.

Jackie Chan getting mobbed by his fans while in India promoting a film in 2015. Chan has been known to be super friendly, always making time for fans pictures, autographs, and interactions as often as he can.

Brittany Murphy with her husband Simon Monjack in 2008. The 2 married in 2007. Monjack was unknown at the time he married Murphy, and rumor has it he did so to earn US citizenship (he is British). Oddly enough, Monjack was over 3 times the size of his wife (325 pounds to 105 pounds), but the couple always appeared happy in pictures. In a odd way to die, both Murphy in 2009 and Monjack in 2010 would die just 6 months apart from toxic mold in their home.

Sofia Loren (real name Sofia Villani Scicolone) in the Miss Italy Pageant in 1950. She was credited as being 14 when she entered, but that is incorrect as she is in fact 16. The stunning Italian actress was a finalist, but did not win. She used this exposure to enroll in acting classes and soon started her very successful career. An interesting note from her childhood, but when she was growing up in Italy during WWII, she actually took shrapnel from a bombing raid, and suffered injuries to her torso and chin. She also went to jail for 18 days in 1982 in Italy for tax evasion. She also is the first best actress winner to do so in a foreign film. She has been married twice, and has 2 children.

Teenage Charlize Theron with her parents in 1988. When Charlize was 15, her father drunkenly attacked her mother. In self defense, Charlize's mom shot and killed her father. By this time Charlize was already modelling. She modelled for almost 10 years, including nude for Playboy, before breaking into film and becoming an immensely successful actress. The South African beauty has never been married but does have 2 children, both adopted.

Buster Keaton with his first wife Natalie Talmadge and his eldest son, Buster Keaton Jr., in 1923. Keaton rarely smiled for cameras, even when off screen like here. Almost all his pictures with Natalie he is not smiling, regardless of the situation, embodying his on screen persona always. He did 149 acting credits, always doing his own stunts no matter how dangerous. He also had 39 directing credits, even being ranked the 7th greatest director of all time by Entertainment Weekly. He would marry 3 times, and have 2 boys, both with Natalie.

Randy Jackson, Magic Johnson, Michael Jackson, Margot Kidder, Tatum O’Neal and Dan Aykroyd hanging out at an event in 1982.

A clearly heavier Russell Crowe playing rugby with his kids earlier this year. Russell has actually gained weight and lost it a few times in the past 8 years, sometimes for roles, sometimes not. When roles demand it though, he has been known to have strict diet and exercise routines. Crowe has been married to Danielle Spencer since 2003, and the couple have been together since 1990, when both acted in Australia and met during a film. They have 2 boys.

A very different looking Audrey Hepburn at Paramount Studios riding her bike with her dog in 1957.

Julie Newmar posing in her famous Catwoman costume in 1967. Newmar is the iconic Catwoman, despite only appearing in just 13 episodes of the original show Batman. Newmar herself modified the costume, changing the fabric and gloves and even lowering the belt to accentuate her hourglass figure. The costume itself is in the Smithsonian. Newmar graduated High School at 15, then started her career as a professional dancer when she was described as having the best legs in the business, then did modelling including for playboy before breaking out in acting. She also is an inventor, and actually holds 3 US patents.

Michael Caine at the 1966 Caines Film Festival with some models wearing special pants to promote his film Alfie. Caine was married for 4 years until 1958. Then, as his career took off in the 1960s, Caine was in a number of high profile relationships, and had a reputation as a playboy. In 1973 he married his second wife Shakira Caine and they are still together today. He has 2 children, 1 with each of his wives.

Halle Berry accepting her "Worst Actress" award for Catwoman at the Razzies Award Ceremony in 2005. She was forced by her contract to appear in the film, barely promoted it, knew it was awful, and poked fun at herself by accepting the award. If you notice, she showed up with her Oscar. The entire speech is online and is pretty good.

Jean-Claude Van Damme (real name Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg) hanging out in his apartment in Brussels, Belgium, in 1982. The following day the Belgian would win a bodybuilding contest. He decided to move to the US to try and become an action star. He had confidence as he was already an experienced black belt in karate, which he has been doing since he was 10, as well as an accomplished ballet dancer, which he has been doing since he was 16. Couple interesting notes, Van Damme was the original Predator, before they abandoned it and went with Kevin Peter Hall who was a bigger, stronger, and more imposing looking Predator. He also purposely gouged an extra's eye in 1989 during a film and was sued for it. He has had alcohol problems, including being sentenced to 3 years probation for it, and has been married 5 times. His latest wife, Gladys Portugues, he actually married for 5 years until 1992, then remarried in 1999. He has 3 children.

Gwyneth Paltrow and her boyfriend Brad Pitt attend his film premier of The Devils Own in 1997. The pair met on the film Se7en and stayed together for 3 years before Paltrow left Pitt as she didn't want a serious relationship. Paltrow would marry in 2003 until 2016 to Chris Martin and have 2 children. Recently, Paltrow said in an interview that Pitt may have been the one that got away. Interesting timing to admit that considering they are both single now.

Robin Williams hanging out with Eminem sometime in the early 2000s. Rumor has it they rapped together and Eminem still has the recordings.

John Wayne feeling the pressure while vacationing in Mexico in the mid 1940s. John Wayne virtually never wore shorts anywhere, which is probably why they don't look comfortable on him in this picture.

Bruce Willis with his wife Emma Hemming (left) and daughter Rumer Willis (right) attend the premier for his film Red in 2010. Emma is 23 years younger than her husband Bruce, and just 10 years older than his eldest daughter Rumer.

Steven Spielberg working in his office in 1972. Taking advantage of his first and very well received full length film, Duel (a TV movie filmed the previous year), Spielberg did 2 more TV movies before he broke out with the big hit Jaws in 1975. Virtually every film he ever did after that was a major hit, and he started producing, eventually co-founding DreamWorks Studios in 1994. He has been married twice, with his current wife being Kate Capshaw, whom he met directing Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom in 1984 and eventually leaving his first wife for. He has 1 child with his first wife, Amy Irving, and 5 with Capshaw.

Howard Stern attends a film premier with his wife Beth Ostrosky (left) and his daughters Ashley (second from right) and Debra (far right) from his first marriage. Beth is only 11 years older than his eldest daughter Emily (not pictured). The famous disc jockey is worth a ridiculous $600 million.

Wesley Snipes leaving the court during his case against the IRS in 2008. Snipes was found guilty on 3 counts involving tax fraud, and sentenced to 3 years in jail. It could have been worse, as he was charged with a felony but was acquitted of that. If you noticed he hadn't been in many films lately its because he served 2 and a half years in prison until 2013 after his conviction, and it has also badly damaged his career since he got out.






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