Here’s Why People Regret Their Decision To Live With Somebody Else... (45 pics)

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Left A Romantic Surprise For My Roommate

Woke Up, Half Asleep, Opened The Door To The Bathroom And My Heart Dropped Down To My Balls. Well Played, Roommate

My Housemate Said He Was Going Out To Buy A Mouse Trap... This Is What He Returned With

My Housemate Has To Get Up At 4am For A Train. I'll Just Leave This Snowman Here

Friends Pranked Me By Converting My Bedroom Into A Utility Closet While I Was Out Of Town

My Friend Works At A Movie Theater And Can Take The Cardboard Cutouts. I Have An Irreconcilable Fear Of Sharks. She Decided To Use Her Spare Key Privileges To Terrify Me Beyond Repair

My Roommate Is A Asshole, After Setting Off Security Alarms At The Doors Of Almost Every Store I Went To For 6 Months I Finally Found This Hidden In My Wallet

Went To Defrost The Freezer. Seems My Roommate Has Been Having Some Fun

My Roommate Went To Australia For A Few Months, So We Walled Off His Room

My Roommate Is Afraid Of Clowns

Lost My Keys, Room Mate Offers To Replace Them And I Get These

I Told My Roommate He Was Putting The TP On Backwards And Then I Find This

I Got A Mannequin. My Roommates Are Going To Love It

My Roommate's A B*tch. I Thought I Was Being Shot At

Live With 2 Girls Who Are Afraid Of Their Own Shadows, Left This In Their Bathroom With The Door Shut

My Roommate Gave Me The Rent Money Today

Thanks For The Idea. Roommate Comes Home From Vacation Tomorrow

The Prank War

Just Got This Key Cut For My 6'6", 250 Pound, Black Male Roommate

This Guy Turns His Roommate’s Mess Into A “passive-Aggressive Art Gallery”

My Roommate Went Away For The Week. He Now Has A Hello Kitty Computer

A Random Number Sent Me A Pic Of My Roommate Wasted With His Pants Pissed So I Turned It Into A Coffee Cup So He Has To See It Every Day

My Roommate Moved Out Five Months Ago; Only Today Did We Discover His "Surprise." After Sending Him A Confused Text, He Replied By Saying "You Found It! My Secret 'Stache'! "

My Roommate Is 27 Years Old And This Is How I Find Out We're Out Of Toilet Paper

My Roommate's Pranks Are Subtle, But Powerful

Made For My Roommate

Roommate Passed Out Early At A Party

My Roommate Doesn't Realize That I, Too, Can Print To His Wireless Printer

Made This Guy Out Of Our Housemates Clothes And Set Him Up In His Bathroom. I've Never Heard A Grown Man Scream So Much

Bought A Creepy Mask Recently. Friend Wanted To Borrow It To Scare His Roommate. He Put This Together Before He Left For Spring Break For His Roommate To Find

Our Roommate Went Away On A Tropical Vacation, And Wasn't Very Civil About It. So We Made Sure He Never Would Have To Leave Paradise

Thought My Roommate Was Bringing A Girl Home Tonight, So Naturally I Did This To His Bedroom

So A Housemate Left Without Saying Bye, I Found This In His Room

1,350 Cups And 200 Gallons Of Water Later, I Think My Buddy Won His Prank War

I Am On A Diet. This Is What My Roommate Brought Home Tonight

I Decided To Turn My Roommates Bathroom Into A Chicken Coop. We Live In An Apartment

Is Roommate Shaming A Thing?

My Roommate Hid This In My Sock Drawer... I'm Jewish

My Roommate Told Me There Was A Leak Under The Sink. There Actually Was One But I Was Not Expecting This

We Made A Snowman For Our Roommate

I Came Home From A Hellish Shift Last Night To Discover That My Roommate Is An Asshole

My Roommate Is Always Leaving Passive Aggressive Notes About What She Does Around The House. Thought I'd Join In



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