Celebrities Then and Now (24 pics)

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Chuck Norris

We mostly remember Chuck Norris, the charismatic master of martial arts, for his role in Walker, Texas Ranger. And, of course, for the myriad of jokes made of it — one of the best awaits you at the end of this article.

Uma Thurman

23 years have passed since Uma’s game-changing role in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction. To date, she’s acted in dozens of movies and, it seems, given her heart totally to her old friend Quentin.

Keanu Reeves

Born in Lebanon and having Chinese roots, this American actor could’ve played hockey if not for an injury. But then we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy his performance on the silver screen.

Nicolas Cage

His real last name is Coppola, but, when still an amateur actor, he replaced it with an alias so as not to be associated with his famous uncle, Francis Ford Coppola.


Fergie became popular in 2003 when she joined The Black Eyed Peas. Apart from singing in the band, she leads a solo career and makes fragrances for a well-known cosmetics brand.

Ryan Gosling

Gosling became the world’s sweetheart after The Notebook. In addition to his acting career, he also plays music.

Brooke Shields

Brooke’s modeling career began in the ’70s and quickly sky-rocketed. In 1980, she became the youngest model to appear on the cover of Vogue. At 16, Brooke was one of the most recognizable models in the world.

Antonio Banderas

The hot Spaniard debuted in 1982 in his own country and decided to broaden his horizons as far as Hollywood in the early ’90s. We have to admit, he was extremely successful!

Mila Kunis

The actress was born into a Ukrainian Jewish family. When she was 8, they moved to the US. It was hard to adapt at first, but now Mila is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood.

Alec Baldwin

The Baldwins are a whole dynasty of actors: Alec’s brothers are all in the business. The actor began his career in a soap opera, but he also acted on Broadway.

Courteney Cox

For most of us, Courteney will always remain our beloved Monica from Friends. However, her TV career started much earlier: in 1985 she shot for ads, then entered the sitcom Family Ties, and later the movie Ace Ventura.

Jude Law

The actor got his name from the song "Hey Jude" by The Beatles. He started acting in theatre at a very young age, going on to the cinema in the UK. After that, he moved to Hollywood. Now Law is one of the most popular actors and a father of 5.


As a child, Rihanna had family issues, yet that didn’t prevent her from releasing her first album, Music of the Sun, at age 16. She has gained worldwide popularity since then.

Renée Zellweger

We remember and love Renée Zellweger, first and foremost, for her portrayal of Bridget Jones. In 2016, the actress returned to the big screen for the third part of the movie and astonished everyone with her drastic change in appearance.


The Irish rock musician Paul David Hewson, a.k.a. Bono, is also known for his humanitarian and charitable activities. The U2 frontman has even been made a knight by the Queen.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Contrary to widespread opinion, Zeta is the actress’s middle name, not part of her last name. Catherine began her career with musicals in the UK, and now she’s in Hollywood and has been married to Michael Douglas for 17 years.

Colin Firth

Firth began acting in the ’80s, but he finally became known 10 years later when he portrayed Mr. Darcy in an adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Glory came to Sarah when she featured in Sex and the City. However, she’d acted a lot before that and had even had to turn into dogs on-screen.

Richard Gere

Gere did not start off very well: in 1974, he was to act with Sylvester Stallone in a low-budget movie, but the actors had so many disputes that they even fought once. Ultimately, Richard was replaced.

Jennifer Garner

Garner once paid her rent by doubling for lead actresses. Then she began taking small roles in movies until finally she was invited to a future TV success, Alias.

Robert Downey, Jr.

Robert became famous in the early ’90s, but at the end of the decade he began having drug issues and went to jail. Still, he managed to start anew, return to the big screen, and become one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

Neil Patrick Harris

Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother is as charismatic as the actor himself. By the way, also like Stinson, Neil is an illusionist and a fan of magic.

Kylie Minogue

The little Aussie declared herself in the ’80s as Charlene Robinson from the Neighbours soap opera. However, real fame came to her in the 2000s, and in 2004 she got her first Grammy.



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