How The “Game Of Thrones" Actors Look In Real Life (56 pics)

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Jon Snow is all cleaned up as the King in the North.

He is ready for battle against the White Walkers.

Kit Harington is still brooding, but he's a little more suave.

Like his character, Kit Harington looks like he's ready to conquer.

Arya Stark's hair is now a little longer.

She reunited with her family.

Maisie Williams dresses a little more feminine than Arya.

She wore a green dress to the premiere.

Sansa Stark is dressed to stay warm in the north.

She's back at Winterfell.

Sophie Turner's darker hair isn't her natural color.

Her dress had a face on it.

Bran Stark is dressed for a grand journey.

He has a wheelchair now.

Isaac Hempstead Wright wears glasses in real life.

He rocked a suit and tie to the premiere.

Davos Seaworth is fighting alongside Jon Snow.

Davos is getting used to the north.

Liam Cunningham looked a little banged up, but in good spirits on the red carpet.

He looked dapper in a navy suit.

Brienne is typically dressed for battle.

She's badass.

Gwendoline Christie's hair is a little longer.

She is so beautiful.

Age is catching up to Petyr Baelish (Littlefinger), as his hair is turning gray.

He wants the Iron Throne and Sansa as his queen.

Aidan Gillen's hair is similarly peppered.

He isn't as intense as his character.

Beric Dondarrion wears an eye patch.

His sword is cool, especially when it's on fire.

Richard Dormer is dashing.

He wears a proper gray suit. 

Grey Worm is a little awkward next to Missandei.

They're so intense.

Jacob Anderson has a music career off of the show.

He looked dapper on the carpet.

Missandei is bundled up for Westeros.

She crossed the sea with Dany.

Nathalie Emmanuel wore her hair up for the premiere.

Her lip color is stunning.

Jorah Mormont is looking less ragged as his greyscale is gone.

He is cured.

Iain Glen doesn't suffer from a flesh-eating disease.

He wore a kilt on the carpet.

Samwell Tarly traded his Night's Watch black for a simple maester's shift, but not for long.

He left the Citadel.

John Bradley is a lot more relaxed than Sam.

He looked dashing in his blue suit.

Gilly learned how to read at the Citadel.

She's with Sam and the baby.

Hannah Murray sported blonde hair at the red carpet.

The gold accents on her dress were pretty.

Jaime Lannister sports short hair as he leads the Lannister army.

As of now, he's still by his sister's side.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau looked handsome in his blue suit.

You just have to love him.

Bronn rocks a trim beard as he stands alongside Jaime.

He's not fighting alongside them for long.

Jerome Flynn has grayer hair and is more clean-shaven.

He looked relaxed on the carpet.

Theon Greyjoy's hair is shorter and he looks healthier now that he's not Ramsay's hostage.

He barely escaped with his life from Euron, though.

Alfie Allen's hair is a little lighter in person.

He mixed it up with a brown suit.

Yara Greyjoy pulls her longer hair back.

She is currently captured, but still alive for all we know.

Gemma Whelan has shorter hair in real life and is pregnant.

She looked so cute.

Varys is bald and dressed in regal robes.

He’s a tricky guy.

Conleth Hill has a head full of gray hair in real life.

He doesn't look like Varys at all.

Ellaria Sand was serious about avenging her lover, Prince Oberyn.

But now she's gone.

Indira Varma isn't always so serious.

She looked more ready for spring in her floral dress.

Obara Sand is one of Oberyn's bastard daughters.

But now she is dead.

Keisha Castle-Hughes wore her hair down.

Her dress matched the carpet.

After disappearing on season three, Gendry came back.

Welcome back!

Joe Dempsie hit the carpet amidst rumors of Gendry's return before the season started.

Glad to know they were true.

Tyrion Lannister still has his unruly hair and full beard when he crosses the Narrow Sea with Daenerys and her army.

He's Daenerys' Hand of the Queen.

Peter Dinklage's hair is darker in real life.

He still had a beard at the Sundance premiere of "Rememory" in 2017.

Cersei Lannister still rocks her short hair as she sits atop the Iron Throne — for now.

All three of her children are dead, but she is now pregnant.

Unlike her blonde character, Lena Headey is a brunette.

Here she was at the 2016 "Game of Thrones" premiere.

Daenerys still has her iconic platinum blonde hair as she arrives in Westeros.

Her clothing is ready for the colder weather.

Emilia Clarke's hair is shorter and darker than the Mother of Dragons.

She looked stunning at a pre-BAFTA party in 2017.

Melisandre looks as youthful as ever with her fiery hair.

She was last seen leaving Dragontstone.

Carice van Houten trades in her fiery locks for brown hair.

She smiled a lot more than Melisandre at the premiere of "Race."

Sandor Clegane (the Hound) shows off his scar in the snowy north.

He arrived with Beric Dondarrion.

Rory McCann has shorter hair and no scar in real life.

Two thumbs up from Rory McCann at the 2015 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Tormund Giantsbane's beard is as wild as ever.

It's good to have him on Jon's team.

Kristofer Hivju shows of his wild beard in real life, too.

He's the best.

Euron Greyjoy sports a beard as the new villain.

He aligned with Cersei.

Pilou Asbæk has a little less beard in real life.

He's not so intimidating with a smile a the premiere of "Ghost in the Shell."


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