Cancer Is Not Unbeatable, And They Proved It! (40 pics)

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4 Fights Against Cancer. 4 Surgeries, 55 Chemotherapies, 28 Radiation Treatments, And I Survived

First And Last Day Of 1st Grade - She Kicked Cancers Ass

Year Later. F*ck Cancer

F*ck Cancer - I Won

Today, I Am Officially 10 Years Cancer Free! Here Is A Before And After Photo To Show How Far I've Come. Kicking Cancer's Ass 10 Years And Counting

Sophia Kicked Cancer In The Butt 3 Years Ago And She's Still Healthy

Missing The Hair, Not The Brain Tumor. Here's To One Week Cancer-Free!

In 1999 I Was Diagnosed With Stage 4b Burkitts Leukemia. I Had A 90% Chance Of Dying, So We (My Parents And I) Opted To Try An Experimental Chemotherapy Regiment. It Worked! Today I'm 14 Years Cancer Free

Exactly One Year Ago To The Day... Stage IV Rhabdomyosarcoma Cancer Survivor. 19 Years Old. Was Given Three Months To Live, 14 Months Later I Am Clear Of Cancer

3-Year-Old Rylie, 6-Year-Old Rheann, And 4-Year-Old Ainsley Recreated Their Viral Photo 3 Years Later. All The Girls Are Now Cancer Free

14 Rounds Of Chemo, 30 Radiations And 4 Surgeries. My Little Boy Is Cancer Free And Doing Well. Pic From His Last Surgery And Now

16 Years Ago I Left Hospital For Good, Never Thought I'd See The Day But With My Courage And Strength I Made It

Same Date, Same Place, 2 Years Later. Everyday Is A Blessing And I'm Consistently Grateful

What A Difference A Few Months Makes

I'll Never Forget Who I Was, Where I Have Come From, All The Hard Work, The Painful, Yet Enlightening Growth Process In Becoming The Woman I Am Today. 2 Years Cancer Free

Same Smile 2 Years Apart, One During Chemo And The Other On Our Wedding Day! Happy To Be Cancerfree For 2 Years Now, 3 More To Go!

Me In Late 2013 When I Was Battling Cancer And Me Currently

1 Year Post Chemo. This Time Last Year I Had Completed My 6th & Final Cycle Of Chemo

One Year Ago I Had No Choice But To Shave Off My Hair Because It Was Falling Out Because Of Chemotherapy. But Here I Am 8 Months Post Chemo With Crazy Chemo Curls

Then And Now! Survived Cancer And Highschool

Eyelashes & Eyebrows Are Fully Back And The Hair Is Almost An Inch!

Blessed To Be Celebrating 8 Years Cancer Free!

3 Years Cancer Free

My Son Ryan Is Cancer Free For 3 Months

Recently Broke The 2-Year Milestone. Ovarian Cancer Can Happen To Young People Too. Lack Of Awareness Nearly Screwed Me Over, I Was Very Lucky

An Update On My Beard. 10 Months Cancer Free!

5 Years Cancer Free!!! Very Long Journey

Wow!!! I've Come A Long Way Baby! That Bald Picture Was Taken In December 2016 And Look At Me Now

Breast Cancer Survivor

I Was Diagnosed With Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma At The Age Of 10 Years Old. Now I'm 14 , Cancer Free, Happy And Healthy!

At Just 5 Years Old My Daughter Makayla Won Her Battle With Brain Cancer

Two Years Ago Today I Was Told I Had Cancer. But Life After Cancer Is Very Difficult Mentally And Physically Too

It's Kinda Hard To Believe This Was Just A Few Months Ago. I Was In The Middle Of Chemo. Now, 10 Months Later, I'm Cancerfree

About A Year Ago Today I Had Finished Chemo And My Hair Just Started To Grow Back. Funny How Much Things Can Change In A Year!

10 Years Cancer Free! 12 To 22-Years-Old, In The Midst Of Death, To My Wedding Day

My Daughter Is A Survivor

Nearly 13 Years Cancer Free

2 Years Cancer Free!

1 Month Of Hair Growth. Still Not Feeling 100% But Getting Better

Ethan Is 1 Year Cancer Free






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