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Even Barcodes Can Be Creative! (42 pics)

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These Spaghettis Have A Pretty Clever Barcode

The Barcode On My Shaving Cream

The Barcode On This Beer

This Shower Gel Barcode Is A Shower

This Is How You Integrate A Barcode Into Your Product Design...

Organic Wheatgrass

Beer Can Barcode Is A Beer Can

The Bar Code On Loki's Food Is Some Kind Of Dachshund Chicken Hybrid

Baby Food Cow-code

This Bottle Of Tall Horse Chardonnay Has "tall Horses" In The Barcode

Water Bottle Bar Code On A Water Bottle

The Roots Of The Tree Are The Barcode

My Barcode Is A Surfer

A Waiter Carrying A Stack Of Plates

This Barcode Is The New York City Skyline

The Barcode On This Bottle Of Bourbon Is A Barrel

Barcode Of My Toilet Paper Pack Is In The Shape Of Toilet Paper

Dog Leash Barcode Is A Dog

The Barcode On My Bag Of Crisps Is A Tiger In Long Grass

The Cow On This Beef Jerky Packet Is Eating The Barcode

This Barcode...


The Bar Code On This Shampoo Bottle

X-wings On Coffeemate Creamer

The Bar-code On My Tea

Sprite Has A Thermometer As A Barcode In China

This Barcode On A Pack Of Baby Spinach

Clever Barcode Design On Noodle Pot

The Barcode On Thos Brown Sauce Is Integrated Into The Skyline

Awesome Barcode Design On My New Bottle Of Swedish Whisky

The Bar Code On This Beer Bottle Is A Glass Of Beer

The Barcode On My Beard Trimmer

The Barcode On The Back Of This Maple Tea Bag Box

This Wine Bottle Unzips Its Barcode

I See Your Shower-barcode And Raise You...

Tomato Sauce Label Combines Fork With Spaghetti Into Their Barcode

The Frozen Microwavable "sandwiches" Box Barcode Is Flames

The Barcode On This Hair Clipper

The Barcode Of My New York Style Bagel Crisps

This Bar Code Is Poured Or Of A Bottle

This Spaghetti Barcode

Grass Like Barcode On A Aria Lactofree* Milk Carton

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