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Boredom At Work Is The Main Reason Of Progress! (40 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   28 Aug 2017   / 3675 views

Box Of Pringles + Bored Engineer

What Happens When Bookstore Employees Get Bored

Mechanic At My Work Got Bored And Welded This In His Spare Time This Week

Office Safari. That's A Thing

Have You Ever Been Bored At Work?

Saw This In The Office Today

Bored At Work, So Made Bowser With Post-Its

What My Sister Does When She's Bored At Work

My Friend May Have Way Too Much Time On His Hands

Here's A Guy With Free Time

Have You Ever Been That Bored At Work?

So I Got Bored And Carved This Pencil

So We Made This At Work Because Yabadabadoo

She Works At A High End Hair Salon, And Sends Me Photos Like This When She's Bored

A Project Manager From Our Office Is Getting Married, So We Decorated A Hard Hat For Her

When Workers At The Dump Get Bored

Milton Lives On. The Office Was Bored

Soooo My Brother Was Bored At Work Last Night

Copper Wire And Being Bored At Work

Someone Has Too Much Free Time At Work

Got Bored At Work. Decided To Entertain Myself

Bored At Work

Was Bored At Work, Decided To Draw The Kanto Starters...using Bacteria

Made A Cardboard Fireplace To Lighten The Mood At Work

Getting Bored At Work. Made Mike Tyson In Excel

At Work, Got Bored, Tried My Hand At A More Natural Ninja Turtle

Sometimes I Get Bored At Work.. Found Some Dead Flies

I Get Kind Of Bored At Work

Only Good Use For Cigarettes (Bored At Work)

Today I Was Bored. Very Bored

Important Business Meetings At Work Today

Office Wars

Got Bored At Work... So I Made Star Wars Snowflakes!

I Got Bored And I Had Change So......

Some People Might Think We Have Too Much Free Time At Work...

Bored At Work?

I'm Really Bored At Work

Made An It Throne Today At Work

Got Bored At Work, Had Some Spare Post It Notes

My Buddy Made This At Work

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