These Celebs Are A Perfect Example Of Never Giving Up (11 pics)

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Lena Headey

You might think that a role in Game of Thrones, one of the most successful projects of the last decade, would guarantee very good money. However, a long and tiring divorce process made Lena Headey almost bankrupt. At times she had only $5 in her bank account, and she had to sell her house to cover the lawyer’s fees. Soon her misfortunes came to an end: she met a new love and gave birth to a baby.


Stephen Baldwin

In the mid-1990s, the youngest of the 4 Baldwin brothers had a major drug problem. However, Stephen was able to get rid of the unhealthy habit and even became a born-again Christian. In 2009, he had to declare bankruptcy because he couldn’t pay his bank loans. Despite all the bad luck, the actor takes part in different movie projects and attends a weekly religious radio program.


MC Hammer

MC Hammer (real name Stanley Kirk Burrell) is a famous hip hop recording artist who was extremely popular in the late 1990s. His top hit, "U Can’t Touch This," made MC Hammer a world phenomenon, but he had to declare bankruptcy in 1996. His attempts to make a big comeback failed. Today he performs in clubs and appears in different TV shows.


Courtney Love

Kurt Cobain’s wife suffered from drug and alcohol addiction for many years, and, of course, it had a huge influence on her financial state. She had to leave her house and sell 25% of Cobain’s musical heritage. Lately, she’s managed to take her life under control: she is trying to renew her career as a singer. She also creates art paintings and is writing an autobiography.


Pamela Anderson

One of the biggest sex symbols of the late 1990s couldn’t get her financial life under control. She had to sell her houses in Malibu and Sydney to pay the money she owed to the US Tax Department. Lately, she rarely takes part in movie shootings but contributes to charity and animal welfare.


Mike Tyson

Tyson, the biggest boxing world champion, almost lost all of his money. He spent way too much buying all kinds of luxurious stuff: huge mansions, rare exotic animals, and other signs of a luxe life. He also went to jail a couple of times. But he tried to change his lifestyle and now earns money through TV shows and movies.


Britney Spears

The pop culture icon almost lost her career and savings because of a huge mental breakdown in 2007. She wasn’t competent to use her own money and had to take a long period of rehab. Luckily, Britney managed to cope with the difficult period in her life and start shining even brighter. She works hard and pushes her career forward by making best-selling singles.


Lindsay Lohan

In 2007, Maxim named Lohan the sexiest woman in the world. The same year was marked for her with several detentions for drunk driving. Since then her career took a turn for the worse. She had to move to her mother’s house because she didn’t have enough money to pay the rent. But don’t be harsh on her. After a long break from work and an alcohol rehabilitation, she started to act in movies again.


Brendan Fraser

As we’ve already found out, a successful career can’t promise financial stability. Like Lena Heady, Brendan had to go through a long divorce case. He had to take a break from work in 2012 after he got injured during Hurricane Sandy. Nowadays, Brendan Fraser acts in the Danny Boyle series Trust, airing in 2018.


Toni Braxton

The "Un-Break My Heart" singer had to sell almost everything she owned, including her awards, to pay her debts. Moreover, it happened twice: in 1998 and 2011. However, neither bankruptcy nor health problems (she was diagnosed with lupus) made her abandon her musical career. She continued to perform, act in Broadway shows, and create a successful family TV show.


Bonus: Donald Trump

And here’s a perfect example that you must not give up even if you’ve filed for bankruptcy 4 times. You read that right. The President of the United States became bankrupt in 1990, 1992, 2004, and 2009. At the end of the day, he reached his goal no matter what. Keep trying no matter how many times you have failed.






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