Motorcycles Can Be Quite Expensive! (25 PICS)

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Kawasaki Ninja H2R - $50,000

The Kawasaki Ninja H2R is a 300-hp bike only available in certain markets for a limited time. It’s not to be used on public roads – only on closed courses. It retails at $50,000.

Hesketh Valiant SC - $65,545

Named after the cold war bomber, the Hesketh Valiant SC is a supercharged monster with 2100cc and 217 ft lb of torque. It’ll cost you $65,545, however.

Energica Ego45 Limited Edition - $68,000

The Energica Ego45 Limited Edition will cost you $68,000. What do you get for that kind of money? A high-end bike, top of the line Italian machinery, and engineering using the most advanced techniques today.

Bimota BB3 - $72,888

The Bimota BB3 is a 999cc, 4 stroke, and 4-cylinder inline motorcycle, which is sure to blaze across the road at insane speeds. However, for the power and prestige, you’ll have to hand over $72,888.

TRON Light Cycle – $77,000

If you’re a huge fan of Tron, then this might perk your ears a little bit. A manufacturer made a limited edition, street-legal Tron Light Cycle. However, it will set you back $77,000.

Arch Motorcycles KRGT-1 - $78,000

If you want a bike endorsed by Keanu Reeves and designed by his friend, then look no further than the Arch Motorcycles KRGT-1. Of course, for the designer bike, it’ll cost you…$78,000 to be exact.

Confederate B120 Wraith – $92,500

The Confederate B120 Wraith is a unique looking motorcycle with an old-fashioned, skeletal look. So if you want something that’ll stand out, look no further. The $92,500 price tag, though, may make you question your decision.

Vyrus 987 C3 4V – $103,800

Powered by a 2100cc Ducati engine, the Vyrus 987 C3 4V is a sporty bike weighing 350 pounds (158.7 kg). It costs $103,800.

Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter - $119,500

Another motorcycle from Confederate, the G2 P51 Combat Fighter looks like a motorcycle straight out of a steampunk novel. Its epic and rather unique design will cost you $119,500.

MV Agusta F4CC – $120,000

The MV Agusta F4CC is a gorgeous sports bike with 190 hp, 1078cc engine but the overwhelming cost might freak you out while riding it. It’ll set you back $120,000. So, definitely don’t drop it.

Suter MMX 500 - $118,565

Only 99 of the Suter MMX 500 were built which explains the heavy price tag of $118,565. However, this V4 Grand Prix replica will definitely get you from point A to point B in style.

NCR MH TT (Mike Hailwood) – $130,000

The NCR MH TT (Mike Hailwood) is a limited edition bike commemorating his big win at the Isle of Man in 1978. It retails at $130,000.

NCR Leggera 1200 Titanium Special – $150,000

A lightweight and agile motorcycle, the NCR Leggera 1200 Titanium Special has a 1078cc motor and costs $150,000.

Icon Sheene – $172,000

With a turbocharged 1400cc Suzuki four cylinder engine, the Icon Sheene is a solid tribute to racing legend Barry Sheene. Due to its unique design, it retails at $172,000.

MTT Turbine Streetfighter – $175,000

As one of the most experienced professionals in the turbine engine industry, MTT has created a powerful and gorgeous motorcycle in the MTT Turbine Streetfighter. It’s priced at $175,000.

Honda RC213V-S - $184,000

Though the high price tag of $184,000 might give even the most professional motorcyclist pause, critics have given the Honda RC213V-S high praise, saying it’s well worth the money.

NCR Macchia Nera – $225,000

Powered by a Ducati 998R engine, the NCR Macchia Nera only weighs 297 pounds and costs $225,000.

Ecosse Moto Works Founder’s Edition Titanium XX - $300,000

The Ecosse Moto Works Founder’s Edition Titanium XX is built in Colorado, featuring a titanium chassis and exhaust. This gorgeous piece of machinery could be yours for $300,000.

Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike – $550,000

The Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike is a rarity, looking vintage in its aluminum design. It can reach 60 mph (96.5 kph) in about 2.5 seconds with a theoretical top speed of 400 mph (643 kph). It sold for $550,000.

Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship – $1.5 million

If you ever wanted a Harley Davidson that cost a million dollars, then you’re in luck. The Harley Davidson Cosmic Starship is a fiery hog that’ll drain your bank account faster than you can rev the engine and drive away.

The Yamaha BMS – $3 million

With a 1,700cc engine and a unique design, the Yamaha BMS costs $3 million. Why is it so expensive? Well, the covering is made with 24 karat gold and the seat is sewn with red velvet.

Hildebrand & Wolfmuller – $3.5 million

The world’s first motorcycle was put on the market between 1894 and 1897. If you want this piece of history, you’ll have to shell out over $3.5 million.

Ecosse Spirit – $3.6 million

If the very first motorcycle isn’t your thing, there’s always the Ecosse Spirit which is a mere $3.6 million. It’s a lightweight motorcycle that touts a top speed of 230 mph (370 kph).

1949 E90 AJS Porcupine – $7 Million

The 1949 E90 AJS Porcupine had only four versions produced and one of them helped Les Graham win the world championship. As such a rarity, the high price tag still feels like a hard pill to swallow.

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter – $11 million

Originally priced at $110,000, the Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter ended up selling for $11 million at an auction.



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