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Your Eyes Won’t Be Able To Deal With These Pictures (52 pics + 1 gif)

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Believe or not, this isn't an impressionist painting. It's just a reflection in a dirty window.

Adele, pictured here upside-down, looks ~fairly~ normal, right?

Look again. Horrifying.

Speaking of upside-down, I bet you're going to have to take a second look at this photo:

There are 16 circles in this picture. Can you see them?

Or the iPad hiding in this car?

Here's an easy way to colorize a black-and-white photo:

I'm not sure I could walk through this electronics store without tripping. (In either sense of the word.)

Can you figure out whose legs belong to who here?

Oh no! Looks like someone spilled a latte on this dog.

Can you wrap your brain around the trick of perspective happening in this photo?

Here's what it looks like from another angle:

Be honest, how long did it take you to really figure out what was happening in this scenario?

And what exactly is going on here?

It's hard to believe, but this is actually a solid stone sculpture:

None of these trees are actually touching one another:

Hold on, what?!

Honestly, I wouldn't know where to walk. I'd just turn around and leave if I encountered this:

This is one photo. No compositing.

Is that a hoverboat?

This guy is proud of his legs. He likes to show them off

No idea. Why they're doing it, or what's going on with their bodies.

Hey! This article was supposed to be SFW!

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