Pets Express Their Love To Humans By Bringing Them Gifts (40 pics)

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When I Lifted Her Head, I Almost Died From Laughing. Dentures! An Elderly Couple Owned This House Before Me And I Think Maybe It Was Theirs

This Is Mr. Slash - A Flower Hunting Adventure Master. He Brings Me Flowers Every Night. He's Not Hurting The Garden, By The Way

My Dog Brought Me Some Dirt Today

My Dog Is Too Good For This World, He Brought Me A Flower

While I Was Drinking Coffee This Morning, My Dog Brought Me This. I Have No Idea Where It Came From

Cat Returns With Sausage Stolen From Unknown Neighbor's Bbq

Last Day At Work. I Think The Office Dog Wants Me To Stay, He Brought Me All Of His Toys

This Is Zoey's Pillow. If She Likes You, She'll Bring You The Pillow. You Can't Touch It, But You Can Look

He Was Jealous Of His Brother's Hunting Skills So He Ran Outside And Caught A Leaf For Me

Charlie's Brought Me A Tenner

Friend Is A New Mom, Today Her Dog Brought Her This

Threw My Dog A Ball And He Brought Me This Lil Guy Instead

Meet Henry. He Presents Me With This Toy Mouse Every Morning Claiming A Successful Nights Work

My Girlfriend's Golden Has To Bring A Gift To Anyone Who Comes To The Door. If She Can't Find A Toy, She'll Grab Her Whole Bed And Drag It Across The House Or Pick Up The Shoe You Just Took Off And Give It Back To You

Human, Instead Of A Stick I Brought You A Small Tree

My Sister's Cat Brought In Another "Dead" Bird, Or So They Thought

My Dog Brings Me Things Out Of My Toolbox Randomly Hoping It'll Be Something I Need. Sometimes, It Works

Our Cat Won't Stop Bringing Home Sponges

Found This Old Pupper Wandering The Streets And I Returned Him To His Home, He Brought Me His Ducky As A Thank You

What My Dog So Thoughtfully Brought To Me After Rolling Around In The Mud At The Park

Instead Of A Dead Bird Or Mouse, My Cat Decides To Bring Us Gifts Of Leaves. She's Been Doing This For Years

3rd One My Dog Has Brought Back Inside. We Don't Have A Garden. At Least We Didn't Think We Did

My Wife And I Started Feeding A Stay Cat. He Likes To Bring Us Presents, Normally Its A Dead Mouse, Or A Chicken Bone, Etc. Today He Showed Up With This, No Idea Where He Got It

So My Dog Brought Home A Fawn The Other Day

Not Even A Year Old And My Giant Kitty Is Bringing Me Gifts

Our Dog Brings Us Random Objects To Welcome Us When We Come Home

My Cat Keeps Bringing A Candy Cane To My Door. For F*cks Sake Ted Christmas Is Over, Let It Go

My Cat Found An Unattended Cracker And Brought It To Me So I Could Hold It For Her While She Eats It

My Dog Found A Baby Rabbit This Morning

My Dog, Aspen Always Grabs Things Out Of The Pantry And Brings Them To Us With This Face

My Cat Constantly Brings Me Lil Gifts And He's Always Bringing Beatles But This Time It Was Two

Our Black Cat Brings Us The Occasional Bird As A Present. Then There's This Doof. (We Don't Own A Badminton Set)

He Likes To Hunt Leaves

My Dog Brought An Onion Home

My Cat Brings Me Gifts, She Has Strange Taste For Gifts

She Brought Me A Marshmallow

He Just Found This Binky And... We Don't Deserve Dogs

My Dog Brought Me My Hat On A Sunny Day







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