People Will Do Anything To Get Into Guiness Book of World Records (27 pics)

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1,010 bikini-clad women pose on an Australian beach in 2007 to set a Guinness World Record for the largest swimsuit photo shoot to date. In 2011, they were outnumbered by 3,090 in China.

Hassan al-Zayyat shows off Quranic verses that he had copied by hand on 39- by 28-inch paper, aspiring to enter the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest handwritten Quran, in 2010.

In their attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the "Biggest Barbecue in the World," about 30,000 people grilled 13,713 kilos of beef.

Chris "The Duchess" Walton holds the Guinness World Record for longest fingernails.

In 2012, these children took part in a peace march that attempted to set a Guinness World Record for being the largest gathering of people dressed as Mahatma Gandhi.

At 2,596 feet long, this dragon float made of paper, bamboo, and wood set the Guinness World Record in 2012 for being the longest parade float ever made. It was presented during the Lantern Festival in Gutian, China.

A Romanian woman wore a wedding dress with the longest train in the world during a Guinness World Record attempt in Bucharest.

In Bangkok, Thailand, these two attempted to break the record for the world's longest kiss in 2013. The record then was 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds.

Bees swarm around Gao Bingguo as he attempts to break the Guinness World Record for being covered by the largest number of bees.

This group of expecting moms practice yoga as they attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest prenatal yoga class. The current record is 553 participants.

In 2014, a group of 261 hotel staff attempted to boost Jordan's flagging tourism industry as they broke the Guinness World Record for the largest floating image in the Dead Sea.

Thaneshwar Guragai spins a basketball on a toothbrush while holding it in his mouth for exactly 22.41 seconds.

1,215 Taiwanese farmers broke a Guinness World Record by planting rice seedlings for 5.1 acres in just 16 minutes and 20 seconds.

In what was perhaps one of the most physically painful world record attempts, Attila Banyai let a four-wheel drive vehicle roll over him during a festival near Budapest, Hungary.

Here's a more comfortable record to break — these people in Chicago attempted to create the world's largest pillow fight. The record currently belongs to a group of 6,261 participants who bashed each other with pillows during a baseball game in St. Paul, Minnesota.

A Michael Jackson impersonator dances with more than 13,000 fans in celebration of the late singer's birthday. The event, held in Mexico, broke a Guinness World Record for being the largest "Thriller" dance.

A team of six tried to set a new record for the largest cup of cappuccino in Russia's book of records. The current Guinness World Record is 4,250 liters, or 1,122 gallons.

The skydivers of World Team entered the World Air Sports Federation (FAI) and Guinness Book of World Records by building the world's largest free-fall formation. 357 skydivers were linked for six seconds while free falling at 112 miles per hour.

Thousands gathered in New York City's Central Park to form the largest human peace sign in honor of what would have been John Lennon's 75th birthday.

This event broke the record for the largest group of people receiving a beauty treatment in the same location. 1,000 customers received facial massages at a sports center in China.

You can't be claustrophobic if you're going to try to break the Guinness World Record for the most people in a car, like these students from the Siberian Federal University team did.

The world record for the largest Einstein gathering goes to this group of more than 300 people in Los Angeles, California.

In 2013, an event was organized in New York City to break the Guinness World Record for the greatest number of people twerking simultaneously. The current record is 406 people, set during a festival in New Orleans in 2014.

These sushi chefs carefully arranged tons of raw fish to create the world's largest sushi mosaic.

1,213 participants set a Guinness World Record by applying facial masks for 10 minutes at the exact same time in Taiwan.

In Sydney, Australia, these people came together in their swimsuits in an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the largest swimwear parade.

Thousands of competitors play chess at a university in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad.


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