These Coincidences Were Never Meant To Happen (51 pics)

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Classroom Caterpillar Chose This Book To Make Its Chrysalis

Hometown Zip Code, T-Shirt, Race Number, Finishing Time - All 33607

Dog Gave Birth To Three Puppies, Each With Their Own Corresponding Number On Their Back


Right Place, Right Time

The Mountains And Trees Lined Up Perfectly On This Camper On The Highway

A Dragon Fly Landed On My Friends Foot And Mirrored Its Own Tattoo

This Bird Landed On The Page About Itself

Mosquito Killed By A Dart

A Flamboyance Of Flamingos… Shaped Like A Flamingo

Brother Spent A Year Trying To Get A Lightning Photo. He Caught This Last Night, I Just Noticed The Boat In The Bottom Left

Managed To Catch This Balloon Popping On My Phone

The People You May Know Section Of Facebook Put Up These Pictures That Align Perfectly With Unrelated People

Butterfly Bro Lands On His Own Picture

My Friend Just Got This Once In A Lifetime Picture

Bad Timing

Oddest Odd Possible

My Dog's White Stripe Lines Up Perfectly With The Water's Edge

These Licence Plates

Two Collided Bullets From The Battle Of Gallipoli

Restaurant Sign Saved By Chance

In Very Rare Circumstances It Is Possible To See A Full 360 Degree Rainbow From An Airplane

So My Dad, A Fisherman At Lake "attersee", Austria, Just Fished Up His Old, Lost Wallet In One Of His Fishnets, After He Had Dropped It Into The Lake 20 Years Ago

This Car Owner Is Just Lucky

What Are The Odds Of This Accident?

My Brother Accidentally Wore The Same Outfit As My Daughters Birthday Present

Rare Cloud Phenomenon Over Eastern Victoria, Australia

Triple Rainbow

My Friend's Father Caught A Blue Lobster The Other Day. Odds Are 1 In 2 Million

Lottery Ticket Vs. Winning Numbers

The Print On The Lorry In Front Is In The Same Spot My Wife Took Her Background Photo

Swedish Guy Accidentally Captures Green Meteorite While Searching For The Northern Lights

Sequential License Plates

Almost 12 Years Ago My Dad Caught A Picture So Rare That No One Believed Us When We Told Them. Today I Finally Found The Picture To Prove It...

I Mean, What Are The Odds?

This Lady's Dress

Aussie Currently Traveling Around Greece, I Just Found Half An Australian Bank Card Out The Front Of My Hotel. The Name, Valid Date And First 6 Numbers That Are Visible Are Exactly The Same As My Own Card. I Ran Upstairs And Pulled Apart My Bag And Found Mine Completely Intact Where I'd Left It

Eggsperts Say Odds Are 11 Billion To 1

Lucky Speeder

We Got Another Rare Lobster In At Work. This Time He's A 1 In 30 Million Calico Lobster

Leaf Meets Crack In The Gate

Today, I Think I Found The Rarest Thing I Will Ever Come By And Never Seen One Until This Morning On My Front Tire. An Albino Fly

Cell Phone Picture From Friday Nights Storm. The Lighting Happened Right After The Camera Started Taking The Picture

She Was Born For This Job

4 Strangers Same Outfit

These Two Local Doctors. Two These Doctors Local

Friend Tried To Toss Me His Keys At Work, They Got Stuck On Piping In The Roof Like This

I Saw A Gull Standing On Top Of Another Gull

The Left Door Perfectly Describes The Right Door's Condition

I Dropped A Plate By Accident,and It Spilt In Half Perfectly. No Shards Or Chips

Once In A Lifetime




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