Living With Multiple Pets Can Be A Difficult Task (42 pics)

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Silent Scream For Help

This Is How Life With 12 Cats Looks Like

Meet Bob, The Friendly Golden Retriever, Lives With 8 Birds And A Hamster

Steve Is Living With Senior Dog Rescues, Bikini The Pig, Stuart The Rabbit, And Other Animals

Girlfriend And I Have 5 Cats And 2 Dogs That All Love To Sleep With Us At Night... Solution? We Made An 11ft King + Full Mega Bed!

I Was Worried That My Dogs Wouldn't Like The New Cat. I Was Wrong

Wife Wanted 5 Minutes Alone.. This Was Outside Her Door

3 Pets Are Not Enough

My Dogs Are Dropping Their First Album

My Parents Have 3 Dogs... And A Cat

My Aunt And Uncle Have 20 + Husky Dogs And Have This Problem Every Single Night

This Was Their Faces After I Walked In The Room And Yelled, "Ok, Who Did It?"

This Is What Happens When You Sleep Through Breakfast Time

Well, The Cats Have Noticed The Halloween Decorations

My Five Dogs May Be Very Different, But They Are A True Pack

Pets Are Cute And All, But This Is The Harsh Reality

Which Of These Is Not Like The Other?

My Husband Managed To Capture These Sweet (And Rare) Photos Of All Three Of Our Pets Together. I Was Alone When I Fell Asleep, But I Guess They Wanted To Join In On The Fun

It Is Very Possible That My SO Is In The Bathroom And The Pets Have Not Been Fed Yet

Kittens Are Scary

The Cat Is Eating The Dog Food While The Dogs Sit And Watch. It's Not Hard To Tell Who Rules This House

My Pets Are Adorable I Had To Share

My Mom Just Had Double Knee Surgery. Her Pets Have Made It Their Responsibility To Comfort Her

"Do We Smell Toast? We Like Toast"

I Think We Need A Bigger Bed

Poms At The Table

My Girlfriend Trained Her Pets To Never Enter The Bedroom. This Is Them Every Morning

They Have Had Breakfast And It's A Little Cooler Here Now So The Front Window Is The Spot! Soaking Up The Rays

Our Pets Arrange Themselves Around My Girlfriend And I Like This Almost Every Night

Crazy Pack, Huh?

Missing: Boyfriend That Can't Fit On The Bed Anymore

I Accidentally Interrupted A Meeting Of My Three Cats

Fiancée Moved In And Brought Her Dog. We Were Worried About The Dog Bullying The Cats. We Quickly Realized The Reverse Was True

My Mom Has Brain Cancer. Somehow, I Think Our Pets Know When She's Having A Bad Day

My Dad Has Achieved 100% Cat Relaxation

My Blind Cat, Chilling Out Like One Of The Dogs

Ready For A Nap!

Adopting A Dog Soon So We Have Neighbor Bring His Dog Over So Our Cats Get Used To Them. Tonight This Happened

This Is My Pack

I Don't Know If My Cat Likes My Dogs As Much As They Love Her

Got The Family Together For A Christmas Photo. Only 33% Of The Animals In The Shot Are Enjoying Themselves

My Pit Bull, Noodle Was Taking A Nap. Her "Brother And Sisters" Came To Join Her. This Is The Only Picture I Have With All Of Them Together. The Smile On Noodle's Face Is Priceless




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