You Could Buy These Things Much Cheaper, But Who Cares When You Have Tons Of Money? (19 pics)

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Egg-shaped crib, $20,000,000

Actually, the price of the crib by Spanish designer Ximo Talamantes is feasible: it’s made entirely of 24-karat gold. But for those who can’t afford a crib for $20 million, there is a simpler model made out of 18-karat gold for "only" $220,000.


Stainless steel watch, $11,317,945

Well, everything is clear with the first item in our collection, but this Patek Philippe watch raises many questions because it’s made of stainless steel. Still, there is an explanation even for this price: there are only 4 watches from this 1943 batch in the world.


Golden bike, $393,000

Perhaps such an offer will appeal to those who are already tired of Italian supercars but still want to stick out on the road. Goldgenie, the company that created the bike, assures that it’s completely covered with 24-karat gold, including the chain and the smallest parts.


Cell phone with rubies, $360,000

Another super expensive Vertu gadget is decorated with a couple of diamonds and an emerald-eyed cobra made of rubies. Besides, it comes with a piece of jewelry. It is not surprising, therefore, that the device is delivered to buyers not by mail or courier service but by a special helicopter.


Golden dominoes, $153,000

You probably need to be a true fan of dominoes to get yourself a set of gold tiles adorned with diamonds. The manufacturers of the set, German companies Lieb Manufaktur and Veridor, believe that their dominoes will be appreciated by those who like to combine the game with a contemplation of beauty.


Precious baby bottle, $136,000

Another item by Talamantes with a stunning price and appearance. The designer says that these bottles of white and rose gold were inspired by Russian nesting dolls.


Golden iPhone, $70,000

Apple smartphones are expensive anyway, but for those who can afford more, there are versions in gold, platinum, and even meteoric iron covered with diamonds.


Gilded hammock bathtub, $63,000

This bathtub is to be filled using a standing floor tap. The used water is released through the base into a floor drain. Perhaps this is not the most convenient option, but it looks so balanced.


The world’s most expensive pacifier, $35,658

Those who have already acquired a golden crib and baby bottle certainly won’t deny themselves such a "trifle" as a pacifier by the same designer. Especially since it can be passed down to an heir, unlike the usual pacifiers.


Jewelry for the eyes, $15,590

Indian designers have already surprised us with golden shirts, and now it’s the turn of contact lenses. The manufacturer assures that the gold coating and diamonds don’t touch the cornea and don’t interfere with oxygen permeability.


Gold-plated skateboard, $15,000

The skateboard by designer Matthew Willet weighs 80% more than a usual one due to its gold plating. Despite this feature, the board is fully functional.


Ball maze game of gold, $12,300

This good old toy in the form of a wristwatch will be appreciated by those who are already bored with electronic games. The labyrinth is made of gold, and the ball is solid platinum. The whole piece looks good as a piece of jewelry and will help to distract just as well as a smartphone does.


Gold in-ear headphones with diamonds, $9,995

According to Brikk, these headphones are ideal for musicians, audiophiles, and those who own gold iPhones, which are also manufactured by this company.


Toothbrush with a 5-year warranty, $3,802

A conventional toothbrush’s lifespan is no longer than a couple of months, but Reinast claims that their titanium toothbrush can last from 5 to 11 years, subject to regular replacement of the bristles (included in the kit). And for an extra fee, you can even get your name engraved on the toothbrush.


Balenciaga’s bag that is just like IKEA’s tote, $2,200

Who could ever imagine that there would be a luxury version of an IKEA shopping bag? After all, it’s usually expensive products that get copied, not vice versa. However, the Swedish company feels flattered that a brand such as Balenciaga has found inspiration in their products.


Chocolate bar, $260

Cocoa beans for this chocolate are grown on remote farms in Ecuador. They are harvested from 130-year-old chocolate trees, and the entire process from harvesting to packing consists of 36 stages.


Gold sugar, $120 for 3 cubes

The sugar manufactured by the British company Firebox is no different from regular sugar cubes...apart from that it’s coated with edible 24-karat gold. The product can be used for decorating coffee, cocktails, and other drinks as well as for decorating desserts.


Potato chips, $56 for 5 pieces

The world’s most expensive potato chips are produced by the Swedish brewery S:t Eriks. The price is justified by the ingredients: matsutake mushrooms, truffle seaweed, hand-picked Swedish dill, an onion that grows just outside the small Swedish town of Leksand, and India Pale Ale wort. The potatoes are grown and hand-picked in the town of Ammarnäs in Northern Sweden.


Bonus: A toilet bowl in the form of an apple

The iPoo Toilet by Milos Paripovic, a New York-based artist, only exists as a conceptual design. But we have no doubt that if it were actually sold, it would be as sought after as Apple’s other products, despite the high price.






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