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Dentists Have A Very Special Kind Of Humor (45 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   12 Oct 2017   / 8222 views

This Was In My Dentist's Waiting Room

My Friend's Dad Is A Dentist. This Is His Pumpkin For Halloween

Waiting On The Dentist. But Then I Noticed Something

My Cousin's Costume. He's A Dentist. And Yes, He's At Work

A Greeting Card On The Bulletin Board Of My Dentist

My Local Dentist Has A Ceiling "Where's Wally?" For Patients During Appointments

My Local Dentist Doesn't Have Enough Patients

My Roommate's Dentist Has The Best Appointment Reminders

A Dentist In My Hometown Always Keeps Something Humorous On His Sign. This Is The Best One Yet

Saw This At My Dentists Office Yesterday

This Is What Kids Can Play With At My Dentists Office

Oh God... No... Anything But That!

Leaned Back In The Dentist Chair Today And Saw This

My Favorite Thing At My Dentist's Office

A Painting In My Dentist's Waiting Room

The Parking Lines At My Dentist's Parking Lot Are Shaped Like Teeth

My Dentist Has This Hanging Up In Her Office

Dentists And Their Humour

My Dentist Is Slightly Passive Aggressive

WiFi Password At The Dentist's Office

Have Dentists Gone Too Far?

Dentist Humour

My Friend Saw This At Her Kid's Dentist Office

Local Dentist Is Trying To Pass Off The Turd Emoji As Toothpaste

I Saw This Walking Out Of My Son's Dentist Appointment

Saw This At My Doctors Office Today

Coworker Got His Wisdom Teeth Removed The Other Day. The Doctor Said He Would Take A Funny Picture While He Was Under Anesthesia

I Consider Myself A Serious Dentist And I Still Giggle Everytime I Put This In Your Mouth

My Best Friend Is A Dentist And This Is Awesome

My Orthodontist Has A Crocodile Head With Braces On Its Teeth

This Is His Mask. Need I Say More?

This Painting At The Dentist Office Shows Teeth As Rocks In A Waterfall

Finishing Up The Day With A Trip To The Dentist. Can't Say They Don't Have A Sense Of Humour. This Is Their Front Door

My Friend's Dog Has A Ball From Their Dentist

The Bike Rack At This Orthodontist Office Look Like Teeth With Braces

Be Kind To Your Dentist

These Creepy Bushes Outside My Dentist's Office

I Have A New Dentist Now

Mona At The Dentist. Found In A Dentist's Front Window

My Funny Dentist

Dental People Are Weird, And Dental Techs Are Certainly No Exception (I Still Think It's Kinda Cute Though)

This Is My Dentist

Dentist In My Hometown Is Trying To Pull In A More Adult Crowd

Sign In Front Of My Dentist's Office

This Bottle Opener I Got From My Dentist

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