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School Scandals Are Pretty Epic Sometimes (20 pics) - Picture #3

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I was a senior, and graduation was only a couple weeks away. One of my good friends had been dating this girl (the cheerleader), for like six years straight. They were the “perfect” couple; he was a beast athlete, she was a gorgeous cheerleader, they were super cool and everyone liked them. They got voted “Cutest Couple” and their picture is still in our yearbook. They both got accepted to the same college and were going to move away together, already knew they were gonna get married, typical high school sweetheart shit etc. etc.

That was until another student walked in on her getting fucked by the basketball coach in a laundry room two weeks before we all graduated. News spread like wildfire. She was already 18, so it was legal, but the coach resigned immediately. No idea what happened to him.

The girl dropped off the face of the earth it seemed like; she didn’t come to the last two weeks of class, wasn’t at graduation, deleted all her social media accounts, and never returned calls and texts from longtime friends. Even her best friends were disgusted with her, because everyone loved her boyfriend and we were all extremely close, so they were pissed about what she did, and they were even more pissed that she wouldn’t talk to anyone.

I found out a few years later that she basically just up and left, moved halfway across the country to live with some different family and go to college. This all happened in 2009, but it looks like she got married and has a couple of kids now. My friend, the guy, got a full ride to a division I college for baseball and did decently well. Last I heard, he’s playing for some minor league team.

It was a hell of a scandal to end our high school career. – anonymous

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