Being Jerks Is The Natural State Of Most Pets (41 pics)

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My Dog Drowning Me For My Raft

15th Century Cat Leaves Paw Prints On Owner's Manuscript

She Looked Guilty For A Split Second, Then Continued With Her Rampage

One Of These Shapes Is Not Like The Other. One Of These Shapes Does Not Belong

I Have A Longhair Cat Who Covers His Hairballs With Whatever He Can Find. This Morning, I Woke Up To This

Glad You Found Them Comfy

I’m Coughing So Hard I’m Breaking A Sweat And It’s Like A Million Degrees In My House And This One Won't Stop Unplugging The Fan

Was Woken Up By My Parrot Saying "Help Me Help Me" Which Is What He's Says When He Gets His Foot Tangled In His Toy, Wasn't Expecting This

Welp, There Goes The Dog's Food

Cage Me Again Motherf*cker

Made A Pie Crust. Turned Around To Get Filling. Turned Back Around And This Is What I Found

She Always Has To Be The Center Of Attention

This Is My Life Now, But At Least I Have Pretzels

Dutchie Opened The Window During A Car Wash

My Dog Is An Asshole

Artie Found A Comfy Spot By The Fire

Looks Like Dogs Are Jerks To Their Siblings As Well

I Finally Caught Him In The Act

My Husband And I Can Officially Check "Pull A Balloon String Out Of A Cat's Asshole At 11:30 At Night" Off Our Bucket List. Finally

I've Altered Your Signal. Pray I Don't Alter It Any Further

We Made Ourselves A Cat Door

Woke Up To Find Feathers In The Hallway. Possible Victim: Bird

My Girlfriend's New Yoga Pose

The Drink Thief

I Was Fine Til You Came Around

Of All The Places He Could Poop Outdoors, He Had To Choose The Helmet

Kicked Out From Under Her Own Heat Lamp

Baby Goats Doing What Baby Goats Do. Be Adorable

I Guess We'll Just Be Hot Then

Spent $6K Remodeling The Bathroom Glad These Jerks Are Comfortable

Oh, Hai There

So These Are My Cats Right Now

I Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night To My Cat Singing Me The Song Of His People

When You Wake Up To Your Cat Tryna Give You Eternal Sleep

This Cat In My Neighbourhood

My Boyfriend Was Wondering Why His Room Is So Cold

I Just Had Surgery And Need To Do My Physical Therapy

This Is What I Woke Up To Today. Jerk

I Guess It's Time To Talk To My Cat About Her Changing Body

Forgot To Close The Lid


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