When Uncle Is The Funniest Member Of Your Family (45 pics)

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When You're A Chef At A 5-Star Restaurant But The Nephew Wants Chicken Nuggets And Mac-N-Cheese

An Email I Received From My Uncle

This Time Last Year We Went To The Courthouse To Get Married. My Uncle Was Our Witness With Only A Few Hours Notice

Uncle Made Jaws-Inspired Crib For His 2-Month-Old Nephew

My Uncle Has A Great Sense Of Humor

More Uncle Success: My Nephews Believe This Is Marshmallow Farm

My Uncles Gift To The Family This Year Wasn't Really Apreciated

My Uncle Won "Funniest Costume" For The Best Ursula I Have Ever Seen

My Uncle Had A Great Time At The Vet The Other Day

My Uncle Has Had A Prosthetic Leg For The Past 18 Years. He Swaps Out Legs Every Few Years Due To Heavy Usage. This Is His New One

Do You Think My Niece Will Like It?

Just My Niece And I In Our Onesies

A Family Friend Just Met His Newest Niece, Claire. Anabel Is Her Big Sister

My Uncle's Christmas Tree This Year

Took My Son To His Uncle Joe's Today

These Brothers Became Uncles This Week To Twins. First Impressions Are Important, So They Shaved And Dressed To Impress

My Nutsack Of An Uncle

My Uncle Found A Halloween Costume Of Himself

My Uncle Came To America Only Once In His Life. Here He Is In Chicago On The 4th Of July

My Nephew Looked Too Evil Not To Have This Done

Was Playing Hide And Seek With My 3-Year-Old Nephew. He Came Into The Room Where I Was, Scanned The Entire Area And Left. This Was My Hiding Spot

My Brother Likes To Send Me Photos Of My Niece. I Like To Photoshop Them And Send Them Back

My Ten Year Old Nephew Didn't Get It

My Uncle Found My Cousin's Hair Extensions, And Sent The Whole Family Glamour Shots

My Niece Wanted To Show Me That She Learned How To Sign Her Name. I Took Advantage Of The Situation

Uncle Success: Today, I Convinced My Nephews This Is Where Clouds Come From

My Nephew Is Gay And He Recently Asked If We Knew When He Was Younger. I Showed Him This

My Childless Uncle Watching The Kids For The Weekend

Uncle Got Her A Pacifier

My Uncle Sent This To Me Today. He Calls It Jabba The Grass

I Gave This Advice To My Niece At Her Bridal Shower Tonight

My Aunt Asked My Uncle To Put Some Corn Down For The Deer

My Uncle Works For Fedex. This Was In His Workout Room

This Was How My Uncle Gave Me My Graduation Money

First Ever Picture Of My Nephew And I. I Think We Startled Each Other

Uncle Buried His Nieces' Presents In The Backyard

My Wonderful Gay Uncle Paid For The Limo For Me And All Of My Friends For Prom. We All Went Without Dates, And This Was The Card That Accompanied The Money

The Only Christmas Card I Ever Saved, Thanks Uncle Tommy

Being An Uncle

My Son Asked His Uncle To Write "Batman" For Him. This Is Why He Isn't Allowed To Watch My Kids

I Got My Dad And Uncles Some Fine Cigars From Europe And They Wanted Me To Take A "Gangsta Photo" Of Them Smoking. I Told Them Asian Dads Can't Pull That Off

My Niece And I. I Told Her That Her Cupcake Smelled Weird, Then Booped It Into Her Face

Took A Pic Of My Nephew At The Beach. This Needed To Be Done

Every Year I Eagerly Await A Birthday Card From My British Uncle. He Never Disappoints

Before My Uncle Died He Wrote Me A Check For My Birthday, With One Last Joke Thrown In. He Passed On April Fools Day

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