Your Sleeping Position Tells A Lot About You (12 pics)

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The Solider: You’re Reserved and Serious

If you sleep on your back with your arms at your sides like a soldier standing at attention, then you hold both yourself and those around you to a high standard. You are extremely well-organized and can keep your cool in stressful situations.

The Free-faller: You’re Playful but Anxious

If you flop out on your stomach, then you are free-spirited and confident. You also care deeply about what others think of you, which makes you poor at responding to criticism.

The Starfish: You’re Friendly and Loyal

If you sprawl out on your back, then you likely have strong empathy and listening skills, which makes you a loyal and helpful friend and a generous companion (except when it comes to sharing bed space). When it comes to social situations, starfish sleepers prefer to avoid being the center of attention.

Fetal Position: You’re Strong yet Sensitive

If you sleep curled up on your side, then you tend to exude a tough exterior, but on the inside, you are actually extremely sensitive and in tune with your emotions. You are also more likely to be reserved and introverted.

The Yearner: You’re Open yet Cynical

If you sleep on your side with both arms extended in front of you, then you are known as a Yearner. This sleeping position makes it look like you’re reluctantly reaching for something, which is an accurate reflection of your personality. Yearners are open-minded and inviting, but also cautious, weighing their options carefully. This can make you prone to over-analyzing and being cynical or hypercritical of others.

The Thinker: You’re an Emotional Rollercoaster

If you sleep with one hand under your chin, like the famous statue called “The Thinker”, then you shift rapidly between acting tough and sensitive. You can be outgoing one moment and shy in the next.

The Stargazer: You’re Happy-Go-Lucky but Unrealistic

If you sleep with both hands behind your head, then you likely have a happy-go-lucky approach to life. You highly value friendships, beauty, and comfort. However, you can often be greedy and shallow. Similar someone who likes to gaze at the stars, your dreams are often lofty and unrealistic, which can leave you with feelings of disappointment.

The Heron: You’re Unpredictable

If you sleep flopped out on your stomach with one knee raised, like a Heron standing in the water, then you are susceptible to rapid changes in mood. You have difficulty making decisions. Even though you are drawn to wild adventure, you are far more successful in stable environments.

The Log: You’re Social and Easy-Going

If you sleep on your side with both arms at your sides, then you tend to be mild-mannered and highly social. However, you are also very trusting — almost to a fault at times — which can make you gullible.

The Soldier-Starfish: You’re Flexible

If you sleep on your back, but not as sprawled as a starfish or as rigid as a soldier, then you’re a soldier-starfish hybrid. You tend to go with the flow of things and can be easily persuaded by others.

The Half-fetal: You’re Reliable

If you sleep on your side with your knees up, but not tucked all the way to your chest in full fetal position, you sleep in the half-fetal position. You are reliable and carry yourself with a sense of calm that relaxes others. You embrace whatever is thrown at you.

The Hugger: You Value your Relationships

If you grip your pillow (or a partner) tight, you highly value your personal relationships and put others before yourself.


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