Epic Images That Are Truly Fascinating (38 pics)

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A coal miner takes a bath after his shift at a mine in Changzhi, China

Must have been a good human

Netflix new house of cards logo is a blurred out Spacey face (bottom left)

An air less tire 

My unit tested theses for some time and needless to say the results were horrible. They were extremely loud even at low speeds. Once we got them in the field down in Fort Stewart they were horrible they would constantly get stuck in the sand and mud. The worst part is they could not hold the weight of the Humvee’s that were up armored

Nearly 400-Year-Old Bonsai Tree that survived the Hiroshima Blast

Core sample of the track from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, showing 108 years of paving history, starting with bricks.

General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon Cockpit

Air Force Capts. Zachary Proano, left, and Andrew Parlsen conduct a training mission on a B-52H Stratofortress aircraft over Nevada


Firefighters Against a Wall of Fire

Cotton picker at night looks like a huge concert crowd

A mosquito’s foot at 800X magnification

The voice cast of Jon Favereau’s ‘The Lion King’

Sushma Swaraj with The King, The Queen and The Prince of Bhutan

Mrs Xochitl lost her hair salon to the Mexico City earthquake and hasn’t been able to recover from the loss but that hasn’t stopped her from wanting to prosper. She’s currently cutting hair on the street until she can afford to open another salon. This is what perseverance looks like

The apps in your smartphone cost $900,000 thirty years ago

An inspiring photograph from the World Disability Chess Championships

Astronauts returning home from the ISS aboard a not so spacious Soyuz capsule

Surma Warrior

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Profile in 2007

A woman stands in a narrow cell, her arms affixed to the wall in the attitude of the crucifixion, circa 1890. She is undergoing treatment for mental illness in 19th century Germany.

Mongolian Girl Riding A Horse

Wanapum girl with her horse from Central Washington

Two captive elephants briefly embrace

Rolls Royce cruise ship engine that has been adapted to heat, create electricity, and most importantly to feed the crops with CO2 (carbon dioxide) inside a 25 acre greenhouse in The Netherlands. Climate-controlled farms such as these grow crops around the clock and in every kind of weather.

The cheese selection that is offered during the tasting menu at three Michelin star restaurant Troisgros

Guide to Traditional Sailor Tattoos

Marilyn Monroe on her first photo shoot as a model, 1946

Selena Gomez’s new song’s official cover art

Mouth Of A Crocodile

WWII Paratroopers sitting across from themselves in the same plane that dropped them into Normandy in 1944

Dino-mummy uncovered and on exhibition in Canada

India Elephant Armor From The 1600’s

Reception Desk at General Motors Technical Center, 1965

Village in China

An artistic rendering of what Berlin would have eventually become if Germany won World War II based on Adolf Hitler’s ideas and Albert Speer’s design plans.

Former NBA ref Bob Delaney getting a ferocious earful from Michael Jordan. Before becoming an NBA ref, Delaney was a New Jersey State Trooper and undercover agent who infiltrated the mob in the 1970’s under the alias, “Bobby Covert”. He currently serves as the NBA Director of Officials

Karl Anthony-Towns’ haunted kicks tonight

Armwrestler Matthias “Hellboy” Schlitte

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