What’s This? Internet To The Rescue! (35 pics)

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Green Alien Thing That Grew On My Band Aid. What Is This Thing?

What Is This Demonic Looking Creature?

I've Met An Old Man In Germany And He Sent Me These Little Coat Of Arms, Telling Me To Visit Each Of This Location Before I Die. What Are These Exactly Used For?

An Old Samsung Pc Keyboard... What Is The Coffee Cup Key For?

What Is This? Found It By My Toaster. Please Don't Tell Me It's Some Kind Of Cockroach Molt

What In The Absolute F*ck Is On My Car?

This... Thing... Showed Up Inside The Humid Jar Of My Carnivorous Plants. What Is This Thing?

What Are These Circles On A Window Of A Bus And What Do They Do?

Saw This Guy Crossing The Street In Dc. What Is It?

Relative Found These Eggs In Her Yard In Georgia, Hanging From A Tree. What Is This Thing?

A Coworker Found A Hive On Her Balcony. She Is Convinced That Is A Beehive. I Am Not But I Don't Know What Insect It Is

I Was Off-Roading With My Kids Today And Found This In The Path Blocked By A Giant Rock. Any Ideas?

This Was Given To Me Maybe 25 Years Ago Because I Collect Knives. No One Knows Where It's From Or The Purpose Of The Stick (There's Space For 2 Sticks, But Only One Was In It When Given To Me). Us Quarter For Scale

I Came Home Yesterday Afternoon To Find This Tucked In My Car Door. Anyone Have Similar Experience?

Odd Square Metal Imbedded In A Rock. What Is This Thing?

Found This On A Beach In New Zealand- There Were Thousands Of Them At The High Water Mark. What Is It?

I Need Your Help! What Is This?

Oxycodone Bottle Found In The Woods With Electronics Inside. What Is This Thing?

Super Small Mini Flask? The 'Needle' Screws Into The Flask. What Is This Thing?

Took This Weird Bean Home, Now It's Opening Up And Has Me More Puzzled. What Is This Thing?

Found This Guy Freezing To Death In Southern Michigan This Morning. What Is This Thing?

White Circlet With Purple Dots On Top Of A Headdress. What Is This Thing?

Seen In The Sky Over Wisconsin Last Night. What Is This Thing?

Found At Dead Relatives House. What Is This Thing?

What Is The Purpose Of A Door Like This?

My Friend Found This Weird Rock On The East Coast Of England. What Is It?

Found On An Apple In East Germany. What Is This Thing?

Found On Beach (Ocean) In Ma, Usa. (Iphone 5 For Reference). Skull? Sternum?

Seen In The Sky While Hiking In Manchester Today. What Is This Thing?

Interesting Cloud Formation, What's Going On Here?

My Mom Found This On The Floor Of Her Beauty Salon, She Calls It A Cockapiller. What Is This Thing?

This Little Girl Was Photographed In The 1860's With Her Dog. What Is She Holding In Her Lap?

These Were All Over The Beach In S. Maine. Think They Were Alive. What Is This Thing?

A Gift To The Sultan Of Brunei. What Is It?!

What Did I Catch?


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