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Your Body Can Be Hacked In A Million Of Ways (5 pics + 10 gifs)

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Coughing while receiving a shot or an injection can help reduce the pain.

Got a random boner in an embarrassing public setting? Flex your thigh muscles for 30 seconds. Your body will divert blood flow from your boner to the muscles being flexed.

Chew gum to help stop that song from playing over and over in your head.

Smelling cinnamon can improve both your memory and cognition. If you need help remembering something want to improve your mental awareness, keep a few cinnamon sticks around.

If you burn your tongue do not suck on ice, but rather swish very cold water in your mouth.

If you have bedtime heartburn after eating a big meal, lie down on your left side and not your right.

Ahh, brain freeze! To help get rid of it, press and hold your tongue up to the roof of your mouth.

To avoid crying, try holding your eyes open without blinking. If you already started crying, try looking upward without tilting your head to stop the tears.

Stop a nosebleed by leaning your head forward a little and pinch your nose for five minutes. Do not tilt your head back.

Start by lightly putting your thumb and forefinger on either side of your nose and then move them down until you feel the dripping slow down.

To help drain congested sinuses alternate between pressing your tongue on the roof of your mouth and then press a finger between your eyebrows.

A quick cure for hiccups: Inhale deeply, hold it in, swallow twice, and then exhale through your nose.

Got an itch in your throat that you just can’t scratch? Try scratching your ear. When the nerves of the ear are stimulated it also stimulates the muscles in the throat spasm and can help relieve the itch.

To stop a sneeze, press down on the area right above your upper lip.

If you elevate your knees and feet it will make pooping easier.

A quick trick to help you if you’re nervous: Put your thumb in your mouth, close your lips, blow air out and let your cheeks puff up.

But don’t do it too hard or for too long.

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