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How To Save Your Christmas From Your Own Pets (40 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   22 Nov 2017   / 3152 views

The Best Way I Could Put Up A Christmas Tree With A Fox In The House

Our Dog Keeps Eating Ornaments. This Is Our Solution

Christmas Are Saved

Christmas Tree For Cat Owners

We Put Our Tree Up Today

Every Time He Tries To Climb The Tree, We Make Him Put On A Christmas Outfit For 15 Minutes

Perfect Tree For House With Cats

How To Protect Christmas Tree From Your Cat? Use A Cage. For The Tree

Someone Isn't To Be Trusted With A Decorated Christmas Tree

Pretty Sure This Tree Will Be Safe

I Figured Out A Solution

Christmas Are Protected

Christmas Tree In Saran Wrap, Cat Proof Level Over 9000

Dog Proof

Our Christmas Tree Thanks To The Worlds Highest Jumping Kitten

No, This Tree Isn't Half Done — It's Done

Cat Proof Christmas Tree

Our Cat Proof And Environmentally Conscious Christmas Tree. Turn A Tomato Cage Upside Down, Add A Blanket, And Laugh At The Situation

Our Dog Proof Tree

My Buddy Decided To Cat-Proof His Xmas Tree

A Cat Proof Christmas Tree

The Problem Now Is That She Won't Stop Staring At It And Meowing Angrily Because She Can't Reach

Anti-gravity Holiday Tree

Baby And Dog Proof Christmas Tree

Instead Of Putting Your Cat In The Cage Put The Tree In The Cage

So My Dad Told Me He Had To Dog Proof The Christmas Tree... This Was Not What I Expected

Use Walls Wisely

You Shall Not Pass!

My Cat Proof Christmas Tree

I Just Couldn't Bare Going With Out A Tree

Tiny House = Wall Tree, So My Dog's Bed Isn't Disturbed.

The Cat Still Managed To Climb The Tree

No Need To Secure The Tree, My Dog Thinks He Is The Tree!

The Only Section Of The House That The Cats Dont Bother.... This Is My Holiday Table

#problem Solved

Our Cat Proof Christmas Tree! We Decided To Buy A Smaller One And Put It On Top Of The Kitchen Fridge

No Ornaments Til Christmas Eve, Unless You Count 5 Lil Kittens In The Tree!

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