Dubai Is Not As Rich As We All Think (15 pics)

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Dubai is the capital of billionaires.

There are about 5,000 US dollar billionaires in the world, and only about 20 of them live in Dubai (as well as many "shy" millionaires). In fact, the world capital of billionaires is Beijing, and 2nd place is occupied by New York.


There is no poverty in Dubai.

Taking into account migrants, we can say that there are actually many poor people here. The salary of a worker is $200-$350. And the cheapest package for mobile connection costs about $30. Life is very expensive here, and many people live in small rooms together with other people (the usual amount of people in a room is 5).


Dubai is a perfect place for bringing up kids.

Most migrants leave their kids in their native countries because they are not able to pay for their education. Studying in a public school costs $100,000 for 11 years, while a university degree will cost you an arm and a leg. Moreover, the severe hot climate doesn’t help a child’s development as kids spend most of their time in an air-conditioned room.


Dubai is a country.

Dubai is a city in the UAE, but it is not the capital (that’s Abu Dhabi). There are 7 emirates in the UAE that have different sheikhs. However, Dubai is a very populated emirate.


There is no alcohol in Dubai.

Alcohol is allowed for tourists and non-Muslims. To buy it, you need a special card or a tourist visa. You can enjoy alcoholic drinks in almost every hotel (except for dry hotels), all nightclubs, and bars. Usually, nightlife places are located in hotels, and there are more than 500 of them in Dubai!


There is no unemployment in Dubai.

It’s very simple: expats without working visas are deported home within 30 days. Locals can easily change their work because getting a higher education in any university of the world is free for them (it is paid by the government of the UAE).


Dubai is an ecologically clean city.

Due to the constant rise of the population, eternal construction, a lack of water sources, changes in the natural landscapes due to architectural objects, the absence of a unified waste management system, and an enormous amount of cars, Dubai cannot be called an ecologically attractive city.


It’s an eternal summer in Dubai, and the weather is always good.

Only if you like Russian bathhouses 24/7. In spring and summer, the temperature reaches 48°С, not mentioning high humidity and eternal sunshine. The sky in this country is gray due to the large amount of dust in the air. What were you expecting from a desert climate?


It took many years for Dubai to reach its current level.

The UAE has an ability to amaze, and that includes its age. The emirates united in 1971. Dubai is a very young city that develops dynamically and keeps amazing us with its innovations, achievements in the financial sphere, technologies, and tourism.


The police in Dubai use only luxury cars.

All the world talks about the Lamborghinis and Bentleys that appear as police cars on the streets of Dubai. However, one can also see "modest" BMWs, Audis, and even Toyotas with flashing lights here. Due to the large number of sports cars among the locals, the police are obliged to have several super-fast cars in their garage.


Everything is automated in Dubai.

Technology is everywhere in this city: air conditioning at bus stops and ATMs, robot-policemen, metro in the airport. However, the simple system of drainage is absent in many districts, and a small rain shower can paralyze the life of the city. By the way, sewer systems are not everywhere either...


Cheetahs and lions are pets in Dubai.

Keeping wild exotic animals is a violation of the law in Dubai. If you go out with a cheetah or a lionet in Dubai, you can be imprisoned for 6 months and get a penalty from $2,700 to $138,000. Most locals keep cats, and they don’t like dogs very much.


Dubai consists of skyscrapers.

It is a city of contrasts, with 163-floor skyscrapers, multilevel villas, apartment buildings, and one-story houses. Undoubtedly, the city is going up, but locals prefer to live in private villas where there are no neighbors at all.


Mainly Arabs and locals live in Dubai.

About 25% of the population of Dubai are...Indians. Locals form only about 9% of the population. The next place after Indians is occupied by migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh. These people usually work on construction sites and in factories. 91% of the population of Dubai are people from other countries.


The wealth of Dubai appeared thanks to oil.

Long before oil production, the people of Dubai started to pearl dive, and they succeeded in this business. Pearl jewelry from the Persian Gulf has always been appreciated and highly valued. There is a special place for the history of the pearl in every cultural center and museum of the UAE.






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