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Men Who Challenged Fat And Won (23 pics)

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Ketogenic diet results

This man claims he lost weight with the help of the ketogenic diet, which contains the minimum amount of carbohydrates and the maximum amount of fats (the Atkins diet is its simpler version). He also spent a lot of time training in the gym.


"I lost 120 lb in 3 years of sobriety."
He lost 70 lb.
"My progress over 18 months."

During this period, this guy lost almost 90 lb and became self-disciplined.


"I’ve been losing weight for 5 years."

This guy started to go to a gym not just to be more attractive but also because of his health: he was diagnosed with hypertension.


Great results within 4 months

The imgur user called theguythatdoesthething says he used to like drinking and really didn’t care about his health. But he decided one day that it was time to change everything. It’s been only 4 months since then, but the result is impressive: he lost 40 lb.


"I decided it was time for some change."

Within one year, this man got rid of 110 lb using common principles: he eliminated greasy and sweet food and took up sports.


He lost 265 lb in 2 years.

In 2013, Mike Marx weighed almost 400 lb, but he managed to lose almost half of this weight and change his life completely. He describes his journey here.


Minus 100 lb in 2 years
He lost 100 lb in one year.

This guy says he ran a lot, ate lots of vegetables, and went to the gym. He also collected $3,000 for a charitable organization.


Thanks to a diet, he lost 48 lb.
He got rid of 120 lb.

"After years of false starts and broken self-promises, I finally did it and hit my weight-loss goal."


Minus 39 lb in 6 months.

"I used to work out regularly, but I fell off into the trap of fast food and candy bars. Started eating right and working out 6 times a week."


"I planned to lose 20-30 lb but lost 59."

Can you imagine that he did it in 4 months? He’s on a diet, but he confesses that he allows himself a slice of pizza from time to time.


He lost half his weight. He’s happy.

"My weight-loss journey ended today, and I couldn’t be happier! From approximately 310 lb to 155 lb."


"My boyfriend lost 143 lb in one year."
He managed to lose 150 lb.
"Yesterday I hit my weight-loss goal."

2 years ago, this guy weighed 285 lb. Now he weighs 163.


"Not fat anymore."

Just like the other heroes of this article, this guy thinks that if he can do it, you can as well.

"2.5 years later."
"Finally starting to feel really good about myself after losing 130 lb."
Minus 170 lb in 3.5 years
He lost 59 lb.

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