These Websites Will Help You Work And Study Better (22 pics)

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Plato Timer

One of the best ways to get more done is the Pomodoro Technique (work for 25 mins, then take a 15 min break). This simple, beautiful timer does just that, and you can customize how long you want your breaks to be.

Just make sure to stick to the timer. Check it out HERE!


This is perfect for someone who loves to do research, and needs somewhere online to keep it organized. This little web app allows you to save articles, sources, etc.. and access them on any device. This’ll save you some time and avoid the ‘hundred-browsers-open’ crash.

Try it HERE!

Khan Academy

There are thousands of online free courses on every single topic imaginable. Perfect for studying for a test, if you’ve missed all the classes.

Education awaits you HERE!


If you want to get stuff done, you need to make a To Do list. This app makes it a lot easier to make lists and keep track of them on all your devices.

Find it HERE!

Habitica – A real-life RPG

This website turns your life into a series of RPG quests. According to the reviews, the fact that your day is broken up into quests to power up your player, it’s easier to stick to a schedule.

Try it out HERE!

Cold Turkey

If you’re the kind of person that gets easily distracted by the other things on the internet (like theCHIVE as a random example off the top of my head), this site will help you block it until you’re done working.

Try it HERE!

Calm – Browser Mediation

If you’re stressing out about that huge budget meeting, you won’t be able to work. This website is a cool little mediation tool that’ll help you get back on track.

Try it HERE!


If you’re working on some programming and you need a refresher, this website will help you catch up on any language.

Check it out HERE!


This is easily the best science search engine ever. This’ll help solve calculations, solve chemistry problems and answer any question that you’ve got.

Learn some cool stuff HERE!


This app tracks all the time you waste on different websites/apps, etc.. and generates a report at the end of the day, to let you know what’s costing you the most time.

I better see this site at the top of the list. Just saying.

Waste some time HERE!


This is a massive list of free online courses in everything from business to language.

School starts HERE!


This is a massive list of student discount offers. You can save money on textbooks, computers, electronics, etc…

Save some cash HERE!

If you’re constantly hearing the ping of new emails, and it’s all crap and spam, this’ll help. detects all your email subscriptions and allow you to unsubscribe all at once.

Find it HERE!

MIT Videos

MIT offers access to a hecking huge library of free educational videos that help you to review concepts and learn what’s new and exciting in the world of science and tech.

Link is HERE!

The Reluctant Gourmet

You can learn the basics of cooking easily on this site. If you’ve got no time to cook, or you promised your date a great meal that’ll make or break your promising sleepover, learn something here.

Click HERE!


This is TED’s educational sister site that helps you learn things by video. It’s great for when you need a break, but what it to be a productive break.

Check it out HERE!


This is a super easy way to make flashcards and study aids for that final exam.

Click HERE to check it out.


If you have trouble getting enough rest, this will tell you what time you should go to bed/wake up to get the best rest.

Grab your blankie and click HERE!


Another source of free videos and articles to make you more informed, so you can impress your friends, family and Tinder dates.

Click HERE!

Academic Earth

To be honest, you can never get enough free resources to get you educated. This this is a free resource of free online courses.

Learn something HERE!


This is an online peer-to-peer learning community. You can learn anything, from an actual person who’s willing to teach you one-on-one. Beats watching a video and having questions that no one can answer.

Get your learning on HERE!


I’m sure that your bank has something similar, but if it doesn’t, this site helps you manage your finances online.

Check it out HERE!





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