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Everything Looks Like Food If You’re Hungry Enough (40 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny   30 Nov 2017   / 4293 views

Bacon Rock

This Tree Looks Like Straight Up Broccoli

This Busted Golf Ball Looks Like It's Comprised Of Meat

This Photo Taken In The Algerian Desert Of Sand Covered Snow Looks Like Tiramisu

My Toothpaste Looks Like Salmon Belly

Puppies Look Like Fried Chicken

This Hose Looks Like An Overripe Banana

This Fungus Looks Like A Chocolate Covered Donut

Trees In My Street Look Like Giant Pineapples

I Microwaved Soap And It Looks Like Bread

This Mattress Looks Like An Ice Cream Sandwich

This Rock Looks Like A Potato

This Rock Looks Like A Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This Leaf Looks Like A Banana

When You Try To Make Peppermint Swirl Soap And It Comes Out Looking Like Raw Meat

This Mushroom In My Yard Looks Just Like A Giant Chocolate Donut

This Gemstone Looks Like A Deconstructed Chocolate Bar

This Piece Of Sandpaper Looks Like A Steak

So My Parents Wanted Their Garage Door To Look Wooden But I Think It Looks More Like A Giant Hershey's Bar

Making Cookies And The Reflection Looks Like A Giant Chocolate Chip Cookie

My Girlfriend's 3 Lb Weights Look Like Green M&Ms

This Fungus Looks Like A Perfectly Toasted Marshmallow With Some Nice Chocolate Stuff In The Middle

This Piece Of Rock Looks Like A Slice Of Bacon

This Rock Looks Like Marbled Meat


Baby Stingrays Look Like Raviolis Stuffed With Tiny Damned Souls

The Fried Egg Jellyfish Looks Like It's Just Hot Enough

Kiwi Baby

This Dimmer Wheel Looks Like An Oreo Cookie

This Geode Looks Like A Burrito

I Collect Rocks That Look Like Eggs

This Mushroom Looks Like It Is Right Out Of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Room

My Sweet Potato Looks Like Salmon

Kiwi Kitten

This Flower Looks Like Bacon

The Squirrels Around Here Chew Pine Cones And Leave Them On The Ground, Looking Like Coconut Shrimp

This Puffball Mushroom Looks Like An Amazing Piece Of Popcorn

This, I'm Guessing A Fungus, Growing Out Of My Path Looks Like Pasta

Colored Snow Looks Like Cake

My Cat Looks Like A Rotisserie Chicken

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