Expectations Never Match Reality (27 pics)

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"Cute Cactus Attempt"

"My Halloween costume was one giant Expectation vs. Reality."

The main rule of Halloween makeup: the scarier, the better.

I never imagined that SpongeBob could be even squarer.

It seems that it’s not the first New Year for this Christmas tree.

When Daddy tries to make a sling:

Ice cream from my nightmares

I came to my hairdresser with the photo on the left.

I look like a maniac not a panda in this mask.

My friend wanted to hone his tattooing skills.

When you set a difficult goal for your first carving:

Well, I am not actually hungry anymore.

What can be difficult about making ravioli...?

Just eat me up, please.

Not all pandas are equally cute.

I was felting a llama, but the llama didn’t appear.

The wet hair flip

I will look more brutal with such a hairdo.

That wasn’t the best idea for a romantic evening

First, try to do it yourself. And then laugh.

Any perfectionist’s eye will start to twitch looking at this.

Even my snowman looks like a monster.

It simply got tired of hanging.

"My wife’s felting project."

This is why I don’t use Instagram tutorials for my manicure.

The ideal snack for Halloween: both simple and beautiful. However, wait...

Even my grass grows differently from other people’s.

Credits:  brightside.me

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