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Obvious Puns Turn Out To Be The Best Puns (44 pics)

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Clinton Hiding In The Bushes

Spotted A Mama Cat Gently Carrying Her Child Today

Layover At The Airport

A Stable Relationship

UFO Caught On Tape

Black Man Beaten By Police On NYC Sidewalk


Found Some Amazing Indian Writing

When You Ask For A Half Pint In Ireland They Take It Literally

Periodic Table

Spring Is Just Around The Corner

Things Are Getting Out Of Hand

My Dad Sent Me A Picture With The Subject: I'm Worried About A Mole I Found On My Arm

Walmart Raised It's Low Prices

Holy Shit

Girlfriend Told Me To Wear A Plain Tie To Dinner Tonight

Watching The World Cup

Weekly AA Meeting

My University Library, Ladies And Gentlemen

Not A Huge Fan, To Be Honest

Frozen Hispanic

Ice Ice Baby

Pine Cone

Employees Must Wash Hands

Two Feet Of Snow

My Dad Asked The Waitress For "One Very Small Check."

Do You Wanna Kiss?

Lost Control

My Wife Asked Me To Put The Dinner In The Oven At 120 Degrees... Took Some Doing, But Managed It

Deadly Waves

I've Got Way Too Much Time On My Hands

Good News Everybody! The Gas Prices Are Falling

Money Lisa

In Germany, You Can Get From Kissing To Wedding In About 5 Hours

I Knew My Wife Was Hiding Secrets From Me. But This Is Ridiculous

Made Out Of Just-Ice

This Mom Supports Her Son's Gaming

I Rewrote History Today

Inbred Dog

Taste The Rainbow


So Dedicated To The Pun I Went Back To Take This When I Was Running Late For Work

Dead End

Hello Dark Nes My Old Friend

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