Here's How Weight Loss Can Change Your Face (40 pics)

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Lost 110 Lbs In 7 Years. Worst Shape To Best Shape, I've Been Loosing It Slowly In Chunks

From 260 Lbs To 190 Lbs. Transformation Was A While Ago Now, But Here's What A 70 Lbs Loss Does To Your Face. Stay Motivated Y'all

Lost 82 Lbs In 4 Years. Been Obese Since I Can Remember

Lost 120 Lbs Naturally

165 Lbs In 18 Months. I Lost Half My Total Weight. I'm Finally In Size Medium!

Weight Loss Does Wonders. 70 Lbs Down And So Much Happier And Healthier

320 Lbs Down To 120 Lbs. Feels Great To Be Free

Before And After Weight Loss

Lost 130 Lbs In 2 Years. Face Gains!
Lost 105 Lbs In A Little Over A Year. Holy Sh*t. I'm About To Leave The Country And I Had To Look At My Passport Photo Again

Lost 130 Lbs. Almost 4.5 Years Of Work

What Losing Almost 200 Lbs Does For Your Face

Weight Loss Progress. The Before Pic Is March 2015, When I Was My Heaviest And Most Ill. The After Pic Is April 2016, After Losing 55 Pounds And Starting Treatment For RA. Halfway To My Goal Weight, And Feeling Much Better

Lost 175 Lbs In 2.5 Years. After Seriously Hard Work, I'm Literally Half The Size Of When I Started

I Lost 46 Lbs, I Used To Be Called Fat And Ugly, But Now I Model. Never Lose Motivation!

140 Lbs Down. I Feel Like A Teenager Again With All This Energy

Lost 95 Lbs In 18 Months. Food Addict To Fitness Addict After Being Diagnosed With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

20 Lbs Difference

2 Years + 2 Weeks, 166.5 Lbs Lost

Achievement Unlocked. Goal Weight Reached. From 230 Lbs To 140 Lbs

Lost 49 Lbs In 6 Months

Lost 100 Lbs, And This Happened To My Face

Lost 140 Lbs In 13 Months And Counting

Lost 300 Lbs In Just 18 Months

I Decided To Change. Now I’m Happy To Report I Am High Blood Pressure Free, Diabetes Free, And Healthy. I Am In The Process Of Joining The Military As An Officer, So My Fitness Is Certainly Far And Beyond What It Used To Be. I Am Happy, Healthy, And I Feel Like I Have Far Improved My Self Esteem And Quality Of Life

I Lost 145 Lbs In 365 Days

What -50 Lbs Can Do To Your Face

I'm 49 Weeks Post Gastric Bypass Surgery. I Have Lost 160 Lbs So Far!

Winner Of The Show ‘The Biggest Loser’ Weighed 154 Kg When He Started And By The End Had Lost An Amazing 71 Kg

43 Kg Down

110 Lbs Down In 10 Months. Work In Progress

Lost 105 Lbs In 3 Years. Work In Progress

Lost 118 Lbs. This Is My Little Face Progress. I Look Like Two Completely Different People

200 Lbs Off

94 Lbs Down

-134 Lbs In 10 Months. Finally Decided To Share My Before & After Pictures

Lost 34 Lbs. Now Showing: Neck

4 Months Ago I Hit My Original Goal And Had To Set More! Now I'm Hooked And I Think I Can Finally Notice A Difference

Down 120 Lbs

-125 Lbs. This Is A Reminder Of How Far I've Come! Finishing Up One Year Maintenance





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